Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song(s) of the Day

I'm not sure why or how this song got in my head, maybe it was the kind of evil opening bass line or the lyric, the terrified and plaintive "Oh no, no, please God help me!" but either way it got lodged in there and doesn't seem to be leaving so here is a 1970 performance of (one of) Your Stuck in My Head Song of The Day Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath

but as I was listening to that song my mind went to a little bit of trivia I knew about it, that it (along with a few other songs) and Bad Company's Bad Company were some of the few songs where the album, artist and song all have the same name. (though as much as I can tell Bad Company is the only band that also says that name in its song.)
[UPDATE: Iron Maiden mentions its name in song, as does Iced Earth,and Bo Diddley. I was wrong]
That fact then made me think of that song and so it got stuck in my head so here is, in I'm assuming a reunion performance around the millennium, Your (other) Stuck in My Head Song of the Day- Bad Company by Bad Company

Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath (mp3) buy Black Sabbath
Bad Company-Bad Company (mp3) buy Bad Company

did i lose any indie cred after that?

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