Monday, October 22, 2007

Things To Do: Monday-Wednesday

(because I don't plan any farther in advance, and so neither should you. plus these things can get so unwieldy at times...)

  • Monday: Boys Like Girls at the House of Blues, Jesus And Mary Chain at the House of Blues-Anaheim, at the Billy Wilder Theatre "Actor Anthony Hopkins screens his directorial effort Slipstream (2007), about an actor/screenwriter’s breakdown spawned by his inability to distinguish reality from fiction, co-starring Christian Slater and John Turturro" , at the Wadsworth Theatre "Stephen Farber’s Fall 2007 Monday night series continues with The Kite Runner, based on the bestseller about an Afghan family’s experience of the Soviet invasion through the rise of the Taliban. Guest speakers include producers Rebecca Yeldham and William Horberg and actor Shaun Toub" @ 7, An Hour inside My Brain “Kristine Zbornik's musical-comedy cabaret” at L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center- Renberg Theatre, or the Russian Patriarchate Choir at Royce Hall "They dress in long cassocks and look like monks in the throes of their devotions. No flashy stage antics here — the sober 12-member Russian Patriarchate Choir is the only vocal ensemble authorized to officially represent the Moscow Patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, and do they ever do their job. Formed by courageous and dedicated singer/scholars during the latter part of the Soviet regime, the choir spent years unearthing and decoding sacred manuscripts, despite government censure of sacred music, and gave the first performances of works that had been buried for centuries. Today, they are at the forefront of the exciting renaissance that’s at last bringing this rich vocal tradition to the world’s attention. Led by Anatoly Grindenko, the all-male a cappella ensemble demonstrates its “expressive and visceral sound” and vocal range in its Royce Hall debut program that runs the glorious gamut from medieval chant and 16th- to 19th-century church music to Russian folk songs both melancholy and ebullient."
  • Tuesday: Interpol at the Forum(!)(!)(!)(!)(!)(!), Jesus and Mary Chain at The Wiltern, Gemma Hayes (with Holly Conlan, Christina Courtin, Angie Mattson ) at the Hotel Café, or Jill Sobule at the Largo.
  • Wednesday: A Double Feature at The Egyptian- "The Outside Man" then "Classe Tous Risques," Sia at the El Rey or Múm at the Orpheum

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