Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mid-Day Movie Break

Not often will you find me pointing you in the direction of anything that is not virulently anti Carolina but this is one of those stories that is more important than any rivalry bs. It's a story about Jason Ray, the UNC mascot who was killed last year while walking in the side of a freeway during the NCAA Tournament. I didn't know him personally (though some of my friends actually did) but it affected a lot of people even at Duke because we all know a lot of the same people. The reason it is such an intense rivalry is because we actually (secretly) care and obsess about the other school and it is still a tragedy when someone dies, especially one that you can relate to (as a college kid or a member of the Tobacco Road thing.) And even though I hate most everything about that school and that color makes me ill he still seemed like a really great guy and it was a tragedy and this was a sad yet wonderfully hopeful story, which I had not known.. So here's the E:60 story on Jason Ray (and for reference here's the article on Jason as well)

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