Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now, I Hope Everyone's Packed For the Apocalypse...

because contrary to what Eliot said I think Bush wants it all to end with a bang.

Turkey's parliament has approved a measure that allow troops to cross into northern Iraq to crush Kurdish rebels based there.
Yay! Like that won't destablize the situation in Iraq and the middle east even more. (i really just have that image of the Days of Our Lives opening with the sand in the hourglass slipping downward. I never realized that that sand was from the Middle East)
And As much as I enjoy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if he were to not be so vocal and provacative for just like 14 months it really would be better for the world. I mean just wait till Dick is out of power and GweeB can't do what he's doing now and raising the spectre of World War III if Iran goes nuclear.
Though now that I think about it I think George and Mahmoud are both after the same thing- the apocalpyse which will cause the return of Christ and the Hidden Imam respectively, so it's likely that neither one will back down.
So what would the sides be in World War III?
I have to think it will be the English Speaking world, Israel, Mexico, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Poland, a few assorted countries in the Balkans and like one of those secular Arab countries like UAE.
Islam, Russia (which will use its influence to force the former Soviet States to its side), Latin American Leftist Governments, China, North Korea, Space Aliens.
(though of course these alliances are tenuous and ever changing and of course we Americans still have time to alienate all our allies)

It's kinda of sad to think about but maybe the only question left is whether we should pack warmer clothes for the Nuclear Winter or whether we should just pack bathing suits for the fiery hell this world will become. Does anyone know the forecast for the Day After?

Hmmm I think I need to go shopping...

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