Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- The Games (these) People Play

an instant classic from last night where we decide, amongst other things, the proper times for f*cking.

ev livid e : um, so creepiest thing ever. i went out into the hall, smelled like pot as always
ev livid e : then i heard a girl yell yee haw and then i heard giggling of a man
a dam e : you did, or the hall
ev livid e : i hope they weren't sowing their wild oats
a dam e : no they were playing rodeo
ev livid e : the hall always smells like pot
ev livid e : well i don't htink they have a mechanical bull
a dam e : use your imagination sweetie
ev livid e : ohhhhh you mean they were WATCHING a rodeo!
ev livid e: so smart, you
a dam e : i know
a dam e : they were watching a naked rodeo [or this incredibly NSFW clip]
ev livid e : im sure it was fully clothed
ev livid e : with alison krauss singing near by
a dam e : ah
ev livid e : she has mountain magic
a dam e : that would make me happy
ev livid e : i love the lucky one
ev livid e : and forget about it
a dam e : especially if they were having sex in union station
a dam e : or with union station
ev livid e : and whiskey lullabye makes me so happy
ev livid e : oh lord
a dam e : whiskey makes me happy
a dam e : as do lullabyes
ev livid e : well the song is about people drinking their lives away and ending relationships
ev livid e : so maybe its not the brightest of songs
a dam e : awww
a dam e : but then they can start new relationships and have that wonderful new love feel
ev livid e : not if they're dead
a dam e : rebirth
a dam e : duhhhhh
ev livid e : no need to duh me. i know everything, fool
a dam e : hah
a dam e : it came to me and i hadn't used it in like a decade
ev livid e : puhleeze, i say duhhh all the time
a dam e : i know
a dam e : i do too
a dam e : sike
ev livid e : LME!
ev livid e : ohhhh you just ruined that!
a dam e : LME
ev livid e : too little too late
a dam e : too much too soon
ev livid e : too fat too ugly
a dam e : too thin too hot
ev livid e : too french to sexy
a dam e : too drunk to f*ck
a dam e : (dead kennedys song! woo!)
ev livid e : (my first one was a jojo song. COUNT IT)
ev livid e : too tired to f*ck
a dam e : (too fat too ugly?)
ev livid e :( too little too late)
a dam e : too bored to f*ck
a dam e : (i know i was just making a nonexistent point)
ev livid e : too cold to f*ck
a dam e : too asleep to f*ck
ev livid e : too old to f*ck
ev livid e : (omg what is this game that we have created?!)
a dam e : (deciding the appropriate times to f*ck. it's a public service)
a dam e : too republican to f*ck
ev livid e : too f*cked up to f*ck
ev livid e : i hope my little sister never finds this IM conversation. or the letter U
a dam e : hahah
a dam e : too yo*ng to f*ck
ev livid e : too to*gh to f*ck
ev livid e : (you catch on so fast! well done!)
a dam e : too d*mb to f*ck
a dam e : (honey, i innovate)
ev livid e : too b*ff to f*ck
a dam e : too ro*gh to f*ck
ev livid e : too st*ffed to f*ck
a dam e : too (hand) c*ffed to f*ck
ev livid e : oh dear, no kinky turns please
a dam e : haha
ev livid e : too yo*ng to f*ck
ev livid e : oh god
ev livid e : nevermind
ev livid e : take that back
a dam e : already did it
ev livid e : new game
ev livid e : hot
a dam e : guy
ev livid e : pierce
a dam e : d navel
ev livid e : orange
a dam e : coat
ev livid e : hanger
a dam e : on
ev livid e : (wtf)
ev livid e : time
a dam e : (hanger ons; like entourage members)
a dam e : clock
ev livid e : work
a dam e : day
ev livid e : time
a dam e : out
ev livid e : smart
a dam e : bomb
ev livid e : threat
a dam e : down
a dam e : (colbert)
ev livid e : play
a dam e : date
ev livid e : less
a dam e : tat(?)
a dam e : (lestat)
a dam e : i think i lose this round
ev livid e : yes, you do
a dam e : so tonight's score is 1-1
ev livid e : WHAT
ev livid e : me: you = 10--50
a dam e : i won the to f*ck game
a dam e : you repeated my too yo*ng to f*ck
ev livid e : fine, if you're proud of that
ev livid e : go ahead
a dam e : i'm always proud of winning

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