Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Round 1: I Was Half Right

so know that the divisional series are over let's say how my amazing predictions made a week or so ago concerning the postseason turned out

we're not going to bother with the NL because I was....a little off.

Anaheim (I'll be long in my grave before I call them Los Angeles anything) Angels v. Boston: Red Sox in 4. The three teams I wish nothing but sadness and 14 innings in the rain for are the Giants, Yankees and Angels. And yes I am jealous that they've been so successful and a little angry that one of my favorite Dodgers growing up had to become their manager.

I gave the Angels way too much credit. I should have remembered how awful they are

Cleveland v. Yankees- Indians win in 3. A-Rod tries to carry the team but he can't do it alone. Especially when Jeter and all other clutch heroes of Yankee triumphs past, go 0 for the Series
though I was off by a game I'd like to point out that Jeter and other "real yankees" basically went 0 for the series, while my new love Grady Sizemore was amazing. I count that as a win. You can check Baseball Reference for the box scores (because my math scores are horrible and I had Jeter with a .096 average, Jorge Posada- who I actually kind of like because he seems bluecollar- batted .058 and Matsui hit .101. Those aren't right are they?) [UPDATE: I'm a total ditz and another page had the averages. The Yankees as a team hit .228, Jeter .176, Matsui .182 and Jorge .133 while A-Rod hit an almost respectable .267. God I want him on the Dodgers]

As for the National League Championship Series, i refuse to care. But in the AL I still think the Indians win in 6

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