Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Best Coming Out Speech Ever

So I had a speech ready for today but then I decided National Coming Out Day yada and so I thought I should find one more topical and so as I was looking for coming out speeches and when I found this video of Stuart from the british Queer as Folk coming out to his family to spite a blackmailing kid (or so I gather from the video- I don't watch the show) I was blown away. (once again I had to do strange tech stuff I didn't know I could do because the original video had its embedding disabled by request. You can watch that one here)

‘I’m queer, I’m gay, I’m homosexual, I’m a
poof, I’m a poofter, I’m a ponce. I’m a bum
boy, batty boy, backside artist, bugger, I’m
bent. I am that arse bandit, I lift those shirts.
I’m a faggot assed, fudge packing, shit stab-
bing, uphill gardener. I dine at the downstairs
restaurant; I dance at the other end of the ball-
room. I’m Moses and the parting of the red
cheeks. I fuck and I’m fucked. I suck and I’m
sucked. I rim them and wank them and every
single man’s had the fucking time of his life.
And I’m not a pervert’

I so had never heard like half those slurs before; this blog is so educational. Oh and if you wanna see more coming out videos you can go to youtube or here are some (more my speed) videos about coming out as transsexual, which I didn't watch but I'm sure they're heartfelt.

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