Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Post Where I Watched the Republican Debate

and gchatted with my mad libertarian i-banking friend while he was at work.
here's our conversation where i describe whats happening, the way I saw the Republican debate in Michigan (which I didn't know was going to be 2 hours or about the economy. and so the last half hour i was watching pti)

me: i'm sure you'd understand and appreciate this debate more than i am

all i know is they're all wrong and idiots
1:09 PM Jay: how bad is it?
1:10 PM me: well fred thompson at one point looked down and checked his script and then at another point froze for like 30 seconds
but its on the economy so it's all "rah rah capitalism free market hedge funds"
Jay: lol
i hate those debates, they're just talking point sessions
me: they are
Jay: i could just look at their website
1:11 PM me: mccain just mentioned straight talk twice
i'm just seeing if fred thompson says" fuck this this is hard" and just quits in the middle
Jay: lol, you just made me laugh out loud at work
me: haha
Jay: because its prolly true
1:13 PM me: i think huckabee just kind of suggested that we legalize drugs and prostitution so we can tax them
1:15 PM and duncan hunter loves the phrase "communist china"
Jay: dude, huckabee will at least be the VP in this election
if not the candidate
i've been saying that for a long time
1:16 PM but i really think if he can finish really tight for 2nd in iowa, i think he's got a shot
i could potentially get behind romney
i mean
i can get behind romney too... for the most part
me: haha
1:17 PM Jay: the best outcome for the republicans is probably a mccain huckabee ticket
its the best in the general election
me: which will never happen
Jay: the only shot they have over hillary
i'm almost conceding this election
me: brownback is all about the flat tax
8 years of john edwards!
Jay: brownback is a nutjob
1:18 PM me: exactly
Jay: i'm all about the flat tax
but he's crazy
romney said he'd be for my tax
so did mccain
1:19 PM me: there is no difference between any of the republicans
1:22 PM romney now attacking giulani about the line item veto and the commuter tax
giulani fires back against...bill clinton
1:23 PM Jay: solid play
can't go wrong there

6 minutes
1:30 PM me: tancredo attacking mccain about illegals, which is realy tancredo's only issue
Jay: i love ron paul except for a handful of issues
like iraq
me: he's just being a libertarian
Jay: yeah
1:32 PM me: and romney just pandered the fuck to michigan
1:34 PM rudy wants dubai to own nasdaq
aka supporting the terrorists
though he has yet to mention 9/11 strangely enough
Jay: it's coming, don't worry
1:37 PM me: duncan hunter on whether he would allow dubai to own 20% of nasdaq:
1:38 PM "no. because i don't trust 'em"
Jay: wow
that's, um, interesting
and retarded
me: do you know duncan hunter?
1:39 PM he's out of his mind conservative/hating foreigners
Jay: never heard of him actually
me: he's a so cal congressmen
1:40 PM Jay: oh yeah
he was the chairman of a house comm.
me: something defensy
Jay: yeah
knew the name was familiar

5 minutes
1:46 PM me: thompson knows hte talking points about the war
global war against islamo fascists
1:47 PM who won't to bring down our civilaztion. iraq is just one front
1:48 PM *want to bring down

6 minutes
1:54 PM me: romney proposes war against iran
Jay: really?
or just suggests it as an option
1:55 PM me: suggest it
but stil we all know what he's saying
Jay: yeah, it might come to that, i hate sitting at a desk enough that i'd be down to get in to a fight
me: hahah
1:56 PM careful they may not be certain which side you're on
skin color and all
Jay: that might help if i get taken prisoner
me: ron paul fired up against the unconstitutionality of proposing a war without congree
Jay: i'd say i was a spy
me: ss
and lamenting the increasing propaganda
Jay: i mean, he has a point
1:57 PM i think his points are great, but they don't work at the moment
we can't just pull out immediately
it'd be a mess
1:58 PM me: do you want your taxes going to rebuild a fucked up country you're never going to visit?
or do you want that money for beer and strippers?
which is more american; killing brown folks or beer and whores?
1:59 PM yes!
2:00 PM rudy broke out sept. 11th

5 minutes
2:05 PM me: tancredo misspoke and called california "and other countries"
about time
2:06 PM Jay: lol
me: do republicans admit climate change is real?
2:07 PM Jay: i think we're switching
me: or did john mccain just do some more "straight talk"?
2:10 PM huckabee just disaparaged the automotive skills of people named goober
while mentioning nascar or something
Jay: lol
2:11 PM me: its funny whenever they talk about do something grand, or whatever they mention jfk going to the moon
2:12 PM even they realize republicans don't have that vision thing
and no republican ever has
2:14 PM i really hate mccain and his policies but he's the only republican who sounds sober and truthful
2:15 PM Jay: lol
me: wait didn't allan keyes announce?
because he's not at this debate
2:17 PM Jay: i dunno, he's black, republicans and george bush don't like black people, remember? kanye told us that
2:18 PM me: brownback's strategy for america to get better?
be optimistic
2:19 PM because, and i quote " this country rocks"
Jay: lol, wow
2:20 PM me: the no shot candidates are so much more fun
2:21 PM mccain and giuliani and romney just talk about "i can beat hillary"
2:22 PM Jay: where's the debate?
2:23 PM me: michigan

7 minutes
2:30 PM me: when asked about the disparaty between workers salaires and ceos huckabee kind of warned against the spectre of "class warfare"
2:31 PM or thats what i heard
2:32 PM Jay: interesting
2:35 PM me: and i know it was probably a microphone thing but when asked a question mccain squinted and asked her to repeat the question
2:36 PM which really goes well with him being old as fuck
Jay: lol
2:37 PM me: ah the republicans are such jokes
Jay: i give it a 90% chance we lose, bad and a 10% chance that we take the white house in a walk
2:38 PM because men won't vote for hillary
we're losing congress regardless
me: she's actually doing well with democratic men
Jay: i'm sure but i think that may wear down over time
its blatantly sexist
but i could see it happening
me: john edwards is the only one who's unbeatable
2:39 PM Jay: he's a dirty hippie
me: once he gets the nom
he's an overly groomed hippie
Jay: ending poverty, really? i mean c'mon
poverty needs to exist
me: killing everyone in the world who hates us? i mean... seriously?
Jay: its a motivator
2:40 PM if there were no poverty, i wouldn't have fear of being poor
that would be bad
me: yes if they're is a way to rise out and above generational poverty
but you wouldn't have that fear after the coming glorious socialist revolution
2:41 PM you'd work like 20 hours a week and then do whatever you do
Jay: what's actually really funny to think about is the fact that [a friend] gets paid basically as much as a mcdonald's worker who has gotten a couple pay raises
per hour
me: hah
2:42 PM but he works like 120 hours a week or something
Jay: yeah
for, by salary, 60k a year
2:43 PM w/ bonus that goes up to about 160
me: ah
Jay: net out taxes and its about 80
me: i was going to say that really sucks
Jay: so, at 100 hr./week
2:44 PM its 15 an hour
so i guess a bit better than a mcdonald's employee
but, less than what i made lawn mowing
me: its like he works at wendy;s

5 minutes
2:49 PM me: ron paul said pretty passionately he would not support the republican candidate next year
2:50 PM if they didn't do everything he wants
Jay: the libs might pick him up as their candidate
he already has enough national cred
2:51 PM me: what about that dude you guys had
2:52 PM Jay: last election?
me: yeah
Jay: harry browne
dunno what they're gonna do
not really following them at the moment
iraq's too important for us to pull out and that's the party's stance
2:53 PM me: romney just said he wants the candidate to come out of the reagan mold implying himself
and then he wrecked fred thompson
Jay: we love reagan
2:54 PM me: "this is our 6th or so debate, and its kind of like law and order, a large cast, seems to go on forever and fred thompson joins at the end"
and he also said something about family values
2:55 PM Jay: wow, nice romney
2:57 PM me: you guys are all about "optimism" will save us
and us being the envy of the world, with our great technology
which we get from the japanese and have other foreigners run
and that we have great schools
2:59 PM and the audience loves when fred thompson gives one sentence answer
3:01 PM and the falcons are getting 19 million in bonuses back from m. vick
3:02 PM Jay: really???
me: yeah whoever was deciding just ruled on it
3:03 PM Jay: wow

Roger Hallmark-Message to Khomeini (mp3)

and in related news Dick Nixon, proud Duke Law alum, called Freddie dumb as hell, but friendly. which mean he's just like Reagan and will probably win

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