Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And Soon Facebook Will Be Even More Annoying

but I of course am still so hooked it's upsetting. From Radar Online

With the November 6 D-Day of Facebook's new advertising platform approaching, speculation is mounting as to what, exactly, the Palo Alto-based company plans to unleash on its throngs of massively indebted users. Now, a source with knowledge of the proceedings tells Radar that Mark Zuckerberg's brainchild has invited nine industry-leading companies—Condé Nast, Nike, Apple, Sony, General Motors, Coke, CBS, Chase, and Verizon—to be "Landmark Partners" in the venture, each shelling out a minimum of $300,000 for the privilege.

While the money is relatively small by Facebook standards, it is proof that Madison Avenue has faith in the new Facebook model, which will likely allow advertisers to target a specific segment of the Facebook population based on user-submitted data (say, by showing Nike sneaker spots to those who list "running and basketball" in their "Interests"). Other rumors persist that the new advertising model will allow Facebook to target users on non-Facebook sites, though exactly how remains to be seen.

The company—approaching $10 billion by some valuations—is obviously keen to prove to advertisers that it can generate a Google AdSense-esque revenue stream. The launch of the new platform is seen as a significant step towards this.

Really they're going to target segments based on their interest? I can see how that'll work for like movies and music and maybe groups but I'd like to see them try to target me based on my activites:
DSUAD, Pub Quizzing, hating Carolina with every fiber of my being, giving back stories to random people, calling shenanigans, corrupting, Contrarian Society, searching for a Signature Moment and/or an Original Idea, figuring out what to do with the rest of my life, Center for Death Penalty Litigation, Team PuppyClubber, Pursuit, LME, being nostalgic, Thursday Thursdays, free t-shirt floozie, drunken philosophizing (sp.), listening to Purple Rain on repeat, giving in to temptation, taking pictures of other people taking pictures, John Edwards' One Corps, writing letters to Hubby, spending all my time writing things no one will read, teaching myself xhtml, learning arabic and french, standing and smelling the rain, organizing Thaddeus Lewis' Heisman campaign, discovering the joys of agoraphobia

or interests
Politics, Power, Kittens, Competitive Napping, Lance Armstrong, Warhol Superstars- not so much Warhol, people watching/reading at Monuments, The Preference Game, A.S.Roma, Little Asian babies, McDonalds-Termini, "Dick Gore", road trippin', random dance parties in K-ville with Hubby, requiems, adventuring, Italian wine, crescendos, pietà(s), G-Love, arias, Eliot, makeup, butterflies, watching christmas movies in the Summer, the term boyo, Grady Sizemore, purple, Virgin America

I mean there are some inside jokes in there that I don't even think I remember. I really don't know anyone who clicks on the ads unless they are really college and club specific. I also don't feel super compelled and thrilled by any of those Landmark Sponsors, but whatevs. But ah Facebook you've come a long way. I remember back in January of 2005 when I first signed on and I thought I was such a latecomer to the party and when it was not only just open to colleges, but to a certain level of colleges. I remember like a year ago when my friends and I were ridiculing Zuckerberg for not selling for 700 million and look at it now... now it's such a moneymaking thing. But I can't.stop. using. Damn you ::shakes fist::

Meh, At least it's still not as creepy as MySpace

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