Friday, October 12, 2007

Coonie Tunes

This morning's cartoon is Uncle Tom's Bungalow loosely loosely inspired by Uncle Tom's Cabin (is a bungalow a step down from a cabin or a step up? I just want to see if we're making progress) and if you can't tell why this one is racist, well then you haven't been paying attention; just thinking of scrubbing washboards, mammies and horrible dialects. I mean when the dogs enunciate better than the black characters you know there's a problem. It does have a great line though when Uncle Tom says "You my own my body but Warner Brothers owns my soul" it sounded like a Bugs Bunny quip. and there are so many anachronistic moments, like you can buy slaves but you have electricity in your house and then at the end Uncle Tom has somehow become rich due to social security. Oh wait no; he mad it playing craps. Of course. He must have been Tron Carter's great grand dad. Well, at least the main villain is French and the little girls are cute.
Anyway from 1937 it's Uncle Tom's Bungalow

(and I didn't sleep well at all last night so if today is not amazingly awesome, I'm sorry for that)

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