Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's National Coming Out Day

wooo! I'll be sure to wave my rainbow pom poms. I guess.
So today is National Coming Out Day and I'm not sure how or if you're exactly supposed to celebrate it. I assume by coming out? uhhh Hi; I'm a m2f transsexual. Haven't we gone through this already? Anyway at this point I have no idea who I have left to come out to so....
I still wanted to do something special though because I love fake national holidays and the idea of coming out led me to thinking about my favorite "coming out" scene in cinema; the scene at the end of one of my all time favorite movies Fucking Åmål (Show me Love in english.) At this point though I ran into a problem because the only youtube version was so bootleg, like shot in the theatre where you could see people's heads in front of the screen and didn't have any subtitles so I didn't want to ruin the beauty of the moment with that. (see what I mean? I would never subject you to that)
So (the things I do for you people) in the past few hours I learned way too much about ripping dvds and conversion to mp4s and all other kinds of tech madness and through a lot of frustration. And something I assumed would take 5 minutes rather took like 3 hours. But it's all worth it because I absolutely love love love this movie and especially this scene. Setup: Elin (the blonde) is a popular girl who has a reputation as a girl of loose virtue, thinks she's in love with Agnes, who is out and ostracized as a lesbian, but society and customs get in the way until...
Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the movie I would love if you did that first because this is the end but, either way...

Ah! you don't understand how happy that makes me (or how happy it makes me that this actually worked.) Ain't love grand :)

Actually I think I can still and need to come out. Everyone, I Love You. I guess I'm a....I'm not sure exactly. What's it called when you want to love people of any gender or sex, in an asexual manner based solely on that they put up with you and enjoy reading your self indulgent rambling? Either way, let's make out!

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