Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Midnight Musings

or as close to midnight as I can get on a weekday.

So today, for some reason, I got to thinking about if I could, what three things would I get rid of? And what I think I came up with and that actually satisfies me* is

1. Hate. (I was going to put Fear here but fear can actually serve quite a noble purpose to keep people from doing things which could be hurtful or destructive)
2. Capitalism. ( I was going to put war or violence here but then I figured that without Hate and without the greed that my pseudo-intellectual socialist mind believes is the natural result of a capitalistic system brings, there would be no reason for people to fight or to start wars. Not because of prejudice or want for natural resources)
3. And on a purely selfish and personal note, my "penis." (It really would solve so, so many problems. Even having a barbie doll crotch would be preferable at this point.)

So how about you guys, anybody who is out there or that cares? What three things would you get rid of, if you could? They can be noble or selfish, universal or personal, whatever. Feel free to rant.

*though i guess to remove the world of pride could also solve like every problem, but thats too buddhist for me.

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