Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Friday Night Lights

so Friday Night Lights premiered on its new night Friday, which I didn't think I agreed with because much of its core audience could actually be playing football on friday nights, but then I remembered that was how SVU first built up its audience so maybe it is a good thing, and though I didn't watch it on Friday I watched it online this weekend and it was kind of weird. (and yes I know it's a Wednesday and I'm just now reviewing it but I've been putting it off)
It is really like I guess my favorite drama on t.v. and last season was so perfect that I may judge it harshly. But everything changed so strangely.
Like Lyla being born again just seemed to come out of nowhere; i mean I can maybe form a bridge in my mind seeing her dad cheat on her mom and tearing up the family like that and then everything with Jason Streets maybe made her refocus but there weren't any signs that I can recall about her becoming so Christian. And it wasn't like she was the kind of nice not pushy Christian, she got like Evangelical, which is scary.
Tyra still had her attacker stalker her, which was creepy, and so she kind of depends on Landry who still hasn't told Tyra how he feels about her. And then they kill the stalker and dump his was all very soap operay but has potential to be like a real and emotional and powerful story line.
So far I hate the new coach who is a real hard ass. And the whole dynamic within the Taylors is so strained and weird that at first I didn't like it but then it made sense that the show was actually being real and exhibiting the tension that has to come with a nomadic coach's family, of the coach being away from the family for so long while he pursues his dreams but leaves the family to grow apart. I really hope I don't have to care about Coach Taylor's TMU team. And the thing that maybe upset me the most was Julie kind of being a bitch to Matt Saracen, who is such a good kid, while trying to hook up with a older musician guy who I automatically hate because he's not Matt Saracen. But then her "reasoning" kind of made sense that she felt that Matt was so much like her father and she's seen what kind of life a coach's wife has and she didn't think she could do that. She's only 16 though. Hopefully she comes to her senses, because if she doesn't and breaks Matt heart (I'll be quite upset) she'll probably cost Dillon a chance at repeating at State.
And Smash was in the episode for like one scene. The world totally gone mad.

At least Riggins is still the same alcoholic.
I love this show soo much. sigh, and I hate the fact I love these characters and think they're real people; I don't think that's normal. But Friday Night Lights is like the best show...

p.s. does anyone know how they measure if someone watches episodes online? because I want to make sure my support for the show is registered.

(In Rainbows listen count= 3. I'm taking a break to collect my thoughts on it)

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