Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Material Lust: Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

but of course I still want

  • Let's start off with things for the dream house
    • The Alpha Liege Lounge Chair, a chair you control with your own breath seems like it would be quite the relaxing element in a room. Apparently the chair "lets you enjoy soft vibrations that are accompanied by celestial sounds as well as the gentle rocking motion that synchronizes with the rhythm of your breath.Your body is taken to a place of deep relaxation, where you float between falling asleep and awakening.The ensemble of sound vibration, movement, light and warmth melts away tension and heightens the senses. That really does sound so heavenly.
    • Multipurpose furniture seems to be the new hotness and for someone of limited means and space it seems perfect. Though multipurpose furniture has been around for a bit- I know I use my bed for sleep and as a desk, among other things.
    • Speaking of space saving cuteness, Jonas Samson has come up with light emitting wallpaper so you don't need to take up space with a silly lamp, though silly lamps could be quite unique and necessary just for conversations sake, or at least their images, because of the Flat Life art work by Finn Magee which is a painting of a lamp that can actually be used as a light (or one of a clock that tells the time.) It's amazing, but is it still art if it serves a purpose?
    • Alexander Rieh has come up with a simple decorating idea that is sure to be innocuous enough for everyone, but will also give an in the know laugh to those who figure it out.You just "take a couple of juice glasses and colored condoms, unroll them over the glasses, cut away the tip, stick the flower in" and there you have it- the Naughty DeFlower Vase (oh I do love wordplay!) Such a good idea, especially for us wanna-be "women of loose virtue" who have a few of them lying around. I mean they do expire, don't they?
    • and what completes a room better than a $66,000 bed made of "the world’s most rare and precious wood... Agalwood [which] is also known as “a fossil wood” which gives off a pleasing fragrance as it grows older. Experts say the wood that made this bed came from a tree that was probably 1000 years old and grew in Indonesia". I wonder if it's creaky though-that would get annoying.
  • I'm not sure what exactly any of this means: the G.41 PMP which features a 4.3-inch screen, WiFi, MP3, WMA, MPEG4 and Ogg support, an integrated digital camera, voice recorder, FM radio, and what looks like a well-polished UI. Also worth noting is the G.71 media streamer / DVR, available in DVD or Blu-ray versions, which features a removable hard drive and external storage support, dual DVB-T tuners, IPTV support, Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI-out, and DivX / DivX HD / XviD, H.264 and MPEG2 support. Rounding out the highlights is the C.40 VoIP phone, which'll let you Skype it up over WiFi, besides the fact the author seemed quite excited about it, so I'll take one.
  • And Mac is finally releasing OS X, Leopard on the 26th and it looks gorgeous. I think too gorgeous for my little powerbook here, but I could never abandon her (until he goes crazy and ruins my life of course)
  • I'm not sure how often you could wear this Persona mask but it looks amazing aaand Halloween is coming up and this would be a unique piece to show off.
  • Gary Harvey debuted this collection of gowns made of recycled clothing designs include "using 18 Burberry macs, a fishtail corset dress using 28 camouflage Army jackets, and a body-contouring gown using discarded baseball jackets." I think my favorite of the ones I've seen is the denim dress, though they're all amazing.
  • Speaking of recycled at this site you can see the amazing transformation of regular plastic bags into really cute handbags and totes. I'm really impressed and it is really Beauty from Junk.
  • Here's a bra that has "2,500 diamonds with a 5.4 carat sapphire in the center." And is thought to be worth about $1.3 million I guess I wouldn't be able to just throw that in the washer when I'm lazy though it would be cool to own the most expensive bra. Wait? What? Victoria's Secret is offering a "gift set of bra, thong, garter, cuff bracelet and matching barrette... decorated with $4.5 million worth of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and yellow sapphires on a push up bra" Of course I would look nowhere as near as those models. Grrr.
  • This could be the most mischevious thing ever. It's an umbrella that "harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall" Omg that sounds like soo much fun
  • Okay let's do fashion desires:
    • A Bella Coat
    • From Second Clothing comes Yoga Jeans that are comfortable enough to be worn while doing yoga but presentable enough for places outside of the gym. I think these would be perfect for flying or long road trips.
    • Fun Jewelry
      • by Anneke Jacobs, the Argusring, which is almost kalediscopic
      • This cascading bracelet which doesn't seem all that practical and I have no idea what I would wear it with but I still feel I need it for a yet to be determined occasion. You never know...
      • A Candy Pyramid Ring
      • From Hayley Mei quite a few cute little necklaces. I think my favorite is still the "It Lives To Kill"
      • This ring is definitely unique. It is a ring with sliding diamonds, by Yael Herman. (sorry for that first grade flashback, sentence wise) I think that would cross like 3 total fingers, which is bad, but would also prevent me from flipping my middle finger, which is good.
      • The only problem I see with these Little Big Statement necklaces (with charms that say Yes, Ok, or No) is what if you change your mind over the course of the day from No to Yes, or viceversa. And if you wear them all at the same time are you labeled indecisive and fickle? I've been called far worse.
      • It's like a grown up and new age mood ring: "Skintile, an electric jewelry, is partly affected by the mood of the wearer" So what would be the effect for slightly bored but hanging out for a little bit longer just in case anything cool happens?
    • Dresses
    • A few shoes
      • These would be perfect for a night out clubbing, from Theory the Betty Mirror Leather "High-rise pump in gleaming steel colored metallic patent leather." I just hope it's not too reflective- I only like certain people looking up my skirt.
      • By Solea the Sooty slingback (I just wish it came in another color)
    • Cute Bags
      • a Grey Canvas Tote Bag that is "roomy enough for all of your essentials--be it a laptop and camera or a change of clothes and heels. Each is lightweight, durable and comes in a fun range of colors. Plus, the wide handles are detachable so that you can mix and match to suit your every whim."
      • From Issey Miyake a Silver Space Tote-Bilbao bag.

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