Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.- All Kinds of Confusion

a midday conversation in September:

ev livid e: is that like sports fever? baby fever? crazy for babies?
autoresponse from a dam e: baby fever
a dam e: um i think so
a dam e: it's highly inapprorpiate and inopportune
ev livid e im sorry. i didn't mean to offend you
ev livid e: i hope you are feeling ok
a dam e: i've been drinking a lot of liquids
ev livid e: are you sick?
a dam e: with an icepack on my forehead
ev livid e: oh my god
ev livid e: go to a doctor!
a dam e: wait i was playing along
ev livid e: drink gatorade, but only baby sips, otherwise you'll throw it up!
ev livid e: what?!
a dam e: i'm not like actually sick
ev livid e: you told me my comment was inappropriate and inopportune
a dam e: nooo
ev livid e: i felt really really bad
a dam e: baby fever was and is
a dam e: not your comment
ev livid e: oboooo
a dam e: and then i was playing along with the concern bit
a dam e: sorry for confusion
ev livid e: its ok. im angry
a dam e: :-( because of me?
ev livid e: no
ev livid e: maybe
ev livid e: yes
a dam e: what happened?
ev livid e: nothing!
a dam e: i'm sorry
ev livid e: LME!
a dam e: LME
ev livid e: im so glad that just saying that makes everything better
[zoom ahead]
ev livid e: little did i know i created a couple
ev livid e: i AM go
ev livid e: god
a dam e: hahha
a dam e: i like it better the first way
a dame : I AM GO
ev livid e: what does that even mean though?
a dam e absolutely nothing
ev livid e: LME
a dam e: you can impart your own meaning into it
a dam e: exactly.
ev livid e: so when are you coming to new york
ev livid e: i had brunch [today]
ev livid e: you were missing
ev livid e: and maybe even missed
a dam e: yeah
a dam e: um i'll be in new york by... the end of the year, when i actually have some money i guess
ev livid e: or you could be a stowaway
ev livid e: and come now
a dam e: i could
a dam e: and then maybe i could busk with a harmonica
ev livid e: what is busk? is that like bust
ev livid e: i can play a harmonica with mine
a dam e: it's where musicians play on the streets for money
a dam e: hahahahahaahahahahhaha
a dam e: you must have impressive note control
a dam e: damien rice did it through italy before he was famous
ev livid e: why because its a natural note control?
ev livid e: damien rice does not have a bust
ev livid e: wait are we talking bosom bust?
a dam e : but he's damn fine at busking
a dam e : no
a dam e : b. u. s. K.
ev livid e : b as in baby
ev livid e : u as in ugly
ev livid e : s as in suckling
ev livid e : k as in korn
a dam e : k as in kar
a dam e :
ev livid e : kar?
ev livid e : is that like kip
ev livid e: korn
a dam e : ?
ev livid e : the band
ev livid e : duhhhhh
ev livid e : who are you
a dam e : someone with good tast
a dam e : taste
a dam e : zing!
ev livid e : bust magazine?
autoresponse from a dam e : watching football and reading bust magazine
ev livid e : is that code for playboy?
a dam e : hah
a dam e : not at all
a dam e :
a dam e : no check that it's
ev livid e : im scared to click
ev livid e : i don't like looking at juggs
a dam e : it's a feminist magazine
a dam e : about pop culture
ev livid e : im not a feminist
a dam e : about as far from porn as...
a dam e : yeah you are
ev livid e : nope
ev livid e : i only serve the interests of myself and LME
a dam e : do you believe in equality between the sexes?
a dam e : equal pay for equal work?
ev livid e : no. i think we're better
a dam e : hahah
ev livid e : im not communist for heavens sake
a dam e : that works too
ev livid e : puhleeze. do you not know who i am
a dam e : oh i'm well aware
ev livid e : i am [Everlyn] daughter of the gods. purveyor of LME. worshipped and feared yet loved by all
a dam e : can you please make that your email signature?
ev livid e : (not gonna lie, im checking the definition of purveyor. i used that word without knowing the true meaning. it just sounded right)
a dam e : it kind of fits
a dam e : though we're not really selling or giving out LME
ev livid e : not at all
ev livid e : one day. i will get a tattoo of lme
ev livid e : a temp tattoo
ev livid e : but a tattoo nonetheless
a dam e : ooj, what's the design
ev livid e : and then i wi ill say i have a tat on my tat
ev livid e : ick
a dam e : *ooh
ev livid e : nevermind
ev livid e : tit for tat. yuck
ev livid e : nevermind
ev livid e : too much
a dam e : where's the tat?
a dam e : i've never heard about that in anatomy class
ev livid e : maybe it's in the tit
ev livid e : or it surrounds it
ev livid e : how the hell did we get into this conversation?
ev livid e : ok i gotta go [but]
ev livid e : we will talk more about tats and tits and lme

(In Rainbows listen count= 1.3333)

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