Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pictures of The Prophet

So I heard about the controversy over Lars Vilk and his cartoon, the one where he depicts the prophet Muhammad's head on a dog but I could find it nowhere on the internet, as I wished to satisfy my morbid infidel curiosity (and then be disappointed by the fact it is really nothing more exciting than a cartoon.) But while google image searching the prophet Muhammad I came upon these (as well as this nifty chart). So enjoy.النبي محمّد ، بركات وسلام على ه
(P.S.The two best college basketball player's names: God Shammgod and Jihad Muhammad. I'm sure the latter has easy times getting on planes.
and on a totally different topic today is the 29 anniversary of my favorite Christian Karol Wojtyla becoming my favorite pope John Paul II, who after he died I played and won many a game of beiruts and dedicated it to him. JP 2!
And I've decided I really enjoy being an infidel. I mean you can kiss boys, drink, smoke, show your face, eat a ham sandwich and go to hell with all the cool kids. What's not to love?)

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