Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Duke is Doing Right Now

(besides drinking too much cheap beer of course)
i tried finding a youtube video of Tailgate at Duke, figuring there should be a few considering how many cameras are out there, when I stumbled upon this surprisingly entertaining work; Someone had a class project due...
La Legende du Tailgate a Duke!

(that tailgate was at the Navy game, which was a particular insane one because all the Navy kids just wanted to have a good time and as hosts we felt obliged to show them one. And p.s. still no one is sure who's truck that was, or why they didn't move it for tailgate.)
Yup that's how we roll at Duke, tailgate on saturday mornings get chased by our own personal Javert, hit Perkins, have deep discussions over white wine,eavesdrop on people making whoopie, help fashion victims and aspiring artists, steal chocolates as well as become mechanics for classic cars. Being a Duke student is an eventful life (and now I had no idea what she's saying; my french is infant level)

but when we (did) do make time to go to the games this is what we see

you do have to get up early to go but as senior Bill Parrish said in 2005 "In Life you have to carpe diem that shit. You sleep, you're dead." Truly a wise man.

And we're totally going to beat Va Tech today ( I think it's a good thing I'm not there to make any offensive comments.)

(the chase music a lot of the times was Ca Plane Pour Moi. Here's the Sonic Youth version[Sonic Youth-Ca Plane Pour Moi] because, why not?)

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