Monday, October 22, 2007

Tupac: Resurrected

Bentley Green with his single "Hey Mama"

What went through my head upon first watching this: shock, awwww he's so cute, wow how old is that kid?, awww he loves his mom, did he just say "peer?," I wonder who wrote this for him? But the kid was obviously born to be a rapper, I mean Bentley Green; Bentley. Green. His name just smacks of materialism and excess. If this was a few years ago (or back when I was like 8) he already would have had a record deal.

btw, The song he's rapping over and obviously inspired by, is Dear Mama (download) though the chorus he seems to have taken from 2Pac's earlier Keep Ya Head Up (download) which is tremendous all around considering this kid was born like 5 years after he died. And people don't believe in reincarnation with such evidence.
Just a word of advice to Bentley though, if you ever encounter any giant men nicknamed Suge, run. Run far and run fast. And hopefully things will work out better this time around...

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