Monday, October 15, 2007

It's The End of The World As We Know It

and I feel like shit.
I didn't watch the Kim Kardashian show because I really have no idea who she is and so had no interest in her foibles (fun word), but this promo video for the show is just so vapid and ugh , that I had to post it (and wtf is Bruce Jenner doing?)

Her 8 year old sister is working the pole like a professional. My god, what the hell is wrong with our society? I think we all should have started to worry when little girls wanted to grow up to be Barbie, and when that Barbie wasn't a plastic doll but rather a stripper/hooker (though they are plastic playthings as well.)
I wonder which day would have made Robert Kardashian more uncomfortable: seeing his daughter* dance like that (and her inevitable future career)? or reading OJ's suicide note back in 1994 on national t.v. I need to take a nap and hope all of that was just a drug delusion.

* or at least his daughter's half or step sister; the Kardashian family tree confuses me

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