Friday, October 12, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song(s) of the Day

I had a few (or maybe no) songs stuck in my head today though none was really dominant and I couldn't figure out which one to do but then I really wanted to do You Could Have Both by The Long Blondes. The problem was I couldn't find a video that didn't make me think I'd go into seizures but it's catchy and got stuck in my head (especially the chorus) and since the song is amazing I want that you can enjoy it too, it's so fun and dance ready
The Long Blondes- You Could Have Both (mp3) buy Someone To Drive You Home

But since it is a Friday Night and I usually do something upbeat and danceable, my other pick for Your Stuck in My Head Song of the Day is Electric Six's "Dance Commander"(which has been lurking around since Monday), because you know
" You must obey the dance commander
Givin' out the order for fun
You must obey the dance commander
You know that he's the only one
who gives the orders here

Electric Six- Dance Commander [download] buy Fire

Y'know ,the guy in that video looks like he was having so much fun dancing around his place in his underwear I think I may go try that. Because it would be awesome if we could dance...

Night Night

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