Monday, October 15, 2007

What I Did This Weekend

while spending much of it in bed. And no nothing was exciting and yes I should have made this one of the first post of the day, and no I didn't mean to make the Kim Kardashian whore post my 600th.

  • So on both days of the weekend I enjoyed amazing dreams and was able to sleep, which has become a rare occurrence for me. I was able to sleep until at about 7 in the morning both days the telephone rang, ruining my whole day before it started. I mean seriously who does that? Who would call that early on the weekend? That early morning phone call is really the most evil thing you can do.
  • This was another one of those milestones in my own mind at least that I'm a girl (besides the boobs and massive levels of estrogen in my system) but when I was planning on watching college football but instead turned to MTV and saw and watched and fell in love with Legally Blonde the Musical, I knew a bridge had been crossed. I actually didn't think I would like it, I mean I still have never made time to see the movie and after reading this article in the NY Times about it being huge with "tween" and teenage girls I thought it might be too girly even for me. Which it was but it was so gloriously girly and fun (Ohmygod you guys" is the most infectious song ever) and I immediately got the soundtrack. And as strange as it seems it actually gave me inspiration and a realization that I really need to go back to school and to go get my JD/MSW, so that's now the plan.
  • I waited and waited and wondered why it takes so f***ing long to get a name change approved on Facebook. (4 days and counting)
  • Realized I don't know how to write a cover letter.
  • I finally saw Borat, the movie and realized I really don't like movies where people feel uncomfortable. And also wondered how much shit those South Carolina frat guys got when the movie came out (as well as how much "love" they did as well.) Seemed a bit meanspirited but still impressed by his commitment to the thing.
  • Got into a theological debate with a man who thinks the word "recipe" is pronounced "rescipe."
  • Saw Children of Men on a DVD I "borrowed" from a friend and then proceeded to watch it 4 times this weekend. Such a brilliant and visceral and intense movie. I'm not sure how hopeful or depressing it is though, nor do I understand what The Human Project does, but I'm willing to sign up.
  • Took this "Belief-O-Matic" quiz and found that my beliefs most correspond to Neo Paganism.
  • Put off, again, writing a post about the aftermath of the Jena 6 thing, a post which would have included John Mellencamp's Jena video, Southern kids playing in mud blackface and a brief discussion on how nooses have become the new black, or the new burning cross at least and other fun racist bizarre shit
  • Played Presidential Pong and found John Edwards to be (just like how it should be in real life) unbeatable. A trick is to after one of your balls get past your opponent to activate your Two America special thing.
  • Got owned in 3 games of Scrabulous on Facebook
  • Watched my Super Bowl teams, the Saints and the Bengals rise (fall?) to a combined 2 for like 8 on the season
  • Enjoyed Steve Spurrier beating UNC and his post game comments.
  • Read this Basketball Prospectus preview of the ACC and Duke and agreed with most of it (though was shocked that they thought Zoubek was effective, that McRoberts was strong defensively and that Greg Paulus didn't improve as much as I thought he did.) Figured out we'll win at least 25 games this year, definitely one of the ACC titles and make it to the Sweet 16. if we make it to the Elite 8, under K we make it to the Final Four and we're not that good yet. Though we'll probably win it all.
  • Wonder why the animosity towards Duke even though we developed not only the invisibility cloak but also found out what the appendix is used for.
  • Thought about eating shit in order to build up my immune system. Decided against it.
  • Listened to this mix of all the Beatles albums sped up 800% and realized I still only like the post 1965 ones.
  • I tried to figure out how to "mash up" songs because I wanted to try it with Robyn's "Konichiwa, Bitches" and Q Lazzarus' "Goodbye Horses." Sadly I still don't know (but if anyone out there knows how to I'd love you forever if you taught me :)
  • Never realized it would take so long to get to 10,000 people on Hype Machine in order for the new version to "unlock." Please go there. It's been maxing at like 3400 at any one time. And I'm not this patient a person. (though it is an incredibly brilliant way to spread the word and build "hype")

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