Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good For Her!

this may make me like Microsoft a little more. maaayybe. From Valleywag (via Queerty)
Michael Wallent, a general manager at Microsoft, will return to work in January as Megan Wallent. He came out to colleagues as transgender last month, first in person and then by email.
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Wallent hopes that when he comes back to work, "maybe there are some questions, and then we move on and I keep doing the work I've been doing for 11 years." But at 6'2", Megan Wallent will cut a striking figure.

I am far from a techie, or geek or whatever and so I have no idea how important "Michael" was but anytime someone comes out an angel gets cute little rainbow wings and so I'm estatic for her. Welcome to the world, Megan

And speaking of people who couldn't wait for National Coming Out Day (which is tomorrow) sources are reporting that Bow Wow (oh how they grow up- I remember when he was lil') and Omarion are gay. For each other:

But a source in JD's camp claims that the real cause for the split was that Bow Wow expressed to [Jermaine Dupri] that his relationship with Omarion was more than simply musical after the two were caught engaged in a sexual activity. The source would not go into detail but said "He (Jermaine Dupri) was going nuts about it. These two were in a main room in the house doing all this. Me and two other assistants was with him (Jermaine Dupri) and we saw it going down and he sent us out of the room and was yelling and screaming at them".
The source claims that during the confrontation, Bow Wow and Omarion confirmed what had happened.
A producer who worked on the first Omarion-Bow Wow single released only a few months ago, confirms that, "what was going on with them in the backrooms and in the studio was more than just two dudes working on music. These dudes was feeling each other like a man and a woman". He declined to go into detail but he also added that in the music industry it is not uncommon..."to see something like that. Folks do it all the time. Sometimes they do it for money or to get they deals. Some of them are just under the table with what they like sexually".
A former member of Omarion's group B2K... when asked about the two's relationship, he declined to say anything more out of "friendship". But he would neither confirm nor deny.

(yay totally unsubstantiated rumours!)
well I guess if you have to have a beard Ciara is not a bad one at all. But if they are gay I think they're both at that coming out early twenties final realization phase so good for them. I still won't listen to their music but it's always good to discover others on the queer team

We accept her! We accept her! One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble! One of us! One of us

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