Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ephemeral Desires: Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

but I still would like to see, see happen or experience

  • I wish I had enough disposable income so I could really enjoy Polyvore like I feel I would with an extra few thousands
  • I want to find a woman who actually needed a "Her Depot" or a pink gps because they just couldn't handle the real thing.
  • According to US weekly, for Scientologist parents: "It's all about being positive and supportive," says the couple's friend (Hubbard advised parents to "try to be the child's friend.") As for discipline, one former church member tells Us that Scientologists do not scold their children, but instead explain that bad behavior (like throwing a toy) is the "wrong action." (A Scientology rep tells Us, "How a parent disciplines their child is left up to the parent.")Cruise and Holmes, says their pal, are very lenient and do not like to give Suri too many rules: "Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she fusses before bed, they let her stay up later. If they want her to go swimming and she cries, they'll take her out. If she whines about food, they'll ask her what else she wants to eat. They always want to please her." Hmm I kind of wish my parents had been Scientologists. No wait, no.
  • I wish I liked cookies more because this Cookie Diet by Dr. Siegal would then be AMAZING. Who am I kidding, it's amazing no matter what.
  • Jay Reatard is apparently the new hottness. I feel I need to see him before he gets too popular and I feel he's sold out. I wonder if his name is pronounced Retard- I'm sure those jokes would get old fast.
  • Speaking of music NaS' new album is rumored to be titled Nigga. I will actually support that if for no other reason than maybe on a receipt it will say I purchased 1 Nigga for like 13 bucks. So much for the NAACP burying the N-Word.
  • Speaking of race, Whoopi has called upon Al Sharpton to apologize to the Duke Lacrosse kids, I mean it is the least he can do, though it won't actually do anything.
  • The LA Times did a feature on X-Rated Prestige pictures, all of which I would like to see because I have a dirty mind plus I would enjoy the changing nature of decency and the artistic quality, of course. And some actually seem really interested and cool.
  • This movie may not be "prestigious" but I want to see Juno because I love Michael Cera and so would see him in anything (short of a glass box having sex with my friend-that would be weird.) Juno is not a glass box and I don't think any of my friends are working on it so I am definitely there
  • A movie I'm not sure I want to see: According to reports there may be a Brokeback Mountain sequel-"Although we won’t be seeing his pal Jake Gyllenhaal, 26, Heath Ledger, 28, is currently in negotiations to reprise his role as Ennis. “It will follow the nasty process of being openly gay in 1963 Wyoming, an insider tells OK!.� “Ennis will finally come out of the closet.” I actually don't know how I feel about that. I think I kind of wanting him to be in his trailer and pine endlessly for his one true love until he died, though this could work too.
  • News on the Coming Glorious Socialist Revolution:
  • I want to unexpectedly run into a portrait of a saint that J. Michael Walker painted in honor of certain L.A. streets. That was a great part of Rome seeing images of saints on certain tucked away streets.
  • Another unexpected surprise- now that I stumbled upon and learned about it I kind of want to put on a performance of Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens. Is that not the best name ever? For anything?
  • Viacom is finally offering Daily Show clips online and they're doing it huge, by having 13,000 clips "representing every minute of the show since its 1999 inception" at Yes! I missed you Stephen vs. Steven.
  • Slash, or Guns N'Roses and other sorts of epic rock hedonism has written a book, which doesn't seem like it will disappoint. You can read some excerpts here.
  • I don't think there will be nearly as much sex and drugs in this but still:"The 99," an Islam-themed comic book complete with superheroes, hit stands in select U.S. cities. Like U.S. superheroes Batman and Superman, the characters are not overtly religious, but rather promote universal values such as goodness and love.Each superhero embodies one of the 99 attributes that Muslims ascribe to Allah" I wouldn't imagine sampling that, for purely anthropological reasons of course.
  • The newly planned Star Wars series should be interesting in its own right. I enjoyed Episode II and III and though I refuse to be so intense as to read the novels I do spend to much time in the Star Wars portal on Wikipedia, so I'm nerd enough to probably watch a few episodes.
  • And finally I would love to see the guy who posted this ad and the person who would actually respond to it. And more to the point I hope it's real
I am looking for someone to come over and suck me off while I am eating a bowl of Hamburger Helper (orignial [sic] recipe) and chatting on the phone with my mother. Funny Girl will be playing on DVD with the volume off. I plan to ejaculate at the same time I say, “Okay, mom, gotta go, bye.”

I am 39, 4′10″, 190 lbs., thinning black hair, gray eyes, bushy mustache, hairy back but smooth everywhere else, 5″ cut cock - often told I look like a handsomer version of George Jetson’s boss.

I can host tonight in my apartment on 39th and Bleecker. Please, no freaks, smokers or Muslims.

My therapist would have a lot of fun with him. But seriously " no freaks, smokers or Muslims" that's funny. Well done, well done.

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