Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And Here I Sat Thinking This Was Just A Joke

'Students First In Line' Program To Offer Job Training At Needy Schools

Oh. No. Those minds at the Onion News Network were onto something: Chicago Public Schools have just opened a Marine run public high school The Academy of Math and Science. According to the article:
The new school was formally dedicated with the mayor and other officials looking on. It combines college prep classes with the order and structure of a military academy. It will be run and taught by Marine Corps officers.

"You see other high schools and students are running around, undisciplined. Here, we all look nice in our uniforms," said student Alejandra Duenas.

Enrollment is expected to climb from the current 130 to about 550 students within three year.

Oh excellent. Just in time for the surge in Tehran.
I wonder what their alma mater will be; Taps? When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again? Probably the Marines' Hymn.
and people don't believe this country is controlled by the military industrial complex. Even Eisenhower knew that and he died like 40 years ago. And there's an Air Force run academy opening in Chicago in 2009. I don't think we'll be seeing any of these military run public schools in the suburbs though. Just a hunch.

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