Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Today I was kind of lazily waiting for a song to inspire me and hang around for a bit. I was thinking about continuing the revolutionary vibe of this morning with Gil Scott Heron, but I think that vibe kind of left around the same time I made a post around kangaroo boxings and so when Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight by Amos Lee came on it totally was what I needed (i really think i overdosed on estrogen; i have such a headache.) It really mellowed me nicely. And there's definitely beauty in the images he paints with his lyrics

Well I walked over the bridge
Into the city where I live and I saw my old landlord
Well we both said hello
There was no where else to go
Cause his rent I couldn’t afford

Well relationships change
Though I think it’s kind of strange how money makes a man grow
Ah, some people they claim if you get enough fame
You live over the rainbow
Over the rainbow
But the people on the street,
Out on buses or on feet
We all got the same blood flow

Oh in society every dollar got a deed
We all need a place that we can go and feel over the rainbow

Some times we forget what we got
And who we are and who we are not
I think we got a chance to make it right
Keep it loose
Keep it tight
Keep it tight

I’m in love with a girl who’s in love with the world
Though I can’t help but follow
Though I know someday she is bound to go away and stay over the rainbow
Got to learn how to let her go
Over the rainbow

But sometimes we forget who we got
Who they are and who they are not

There is so much more in love than black and white
Keep it loose child
You gotta keep tight
Keep it loose child
Keep it tight

and it is such a smooth and chill song (that I was surprised to find he was white*) you just wanna get lost in it. So here's Your Stuck in My Head Song of the Day, Amos Lee's "Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight"

Amos Lee- Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight (mp3) buy Amos Lee (the album, not the man)

and I really don't want to head all the way over the rainbow; i'd much prefer to fall into one. And so that's where you can find me tomorrow, if I seem miles away. Look for me somewhere In Rainbows....

*that voice and this picture? it's not totally racist.

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