Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun on Live TV

So I watched Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday because John Edwards was scheduled to be on as a guest. His interview went pretty well (except for the awkwardness of the first few questions when it seemed John was trying to decide how comedic or open to be with it and at the end when Bill Maher suggested he'd donate to the campaign if he didn't think it would hurt at this point John stuck his hand out and pointed into it "Money" which really doesn't help to combat the image of rich guy loving money and is a misstep that I could see being edited into commercials down the road, though he did wear a purple tie that I liked as it could be used to symbolize a United America with its blending of Red and Blue) and the crowd loved him. [You can watch it here or]

After John's segment was over I kept watching because I guess I didn't want to take the time or effort to change the channel, but I'm glad I didn't because then the hecklers started and it was really compelling and tense and I felt awkward watching it

Seriously though where was the security? It took them forever (and in "real time" it seemed like a lot longer than the 4 and a half minutes.) I don't think I would have been upset if they had gotten tasered, bro. For the whole rest of the show I kept expecting to hear someone screaming from the audience and though it was annoying and rude this incident totally gave Bill Maher the most press and attention since he suggested that the 9/11 hijackers weren't cowardly.

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