Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ephemeral Desires: Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

but I still would like to see, see happen or experience

  • Since it is National Coming Out Day for the following people to come out (and play) and for them to be accepted as they were before (yadas)
    • Anderson Cooper
    • Larry Craig
    • A certain someone (he knows who he is)
    • Kevin Spacey
    • Clay Aiken (or Barry Manillow as he'll be called in 30 years )
    • My Brother
    • Jodie Foster
    • Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    • Condoleeza Rice
  • On a totally unrelated note, an 84 year old Iowan while meeting Hillary Clinton suggested she change her hairstyle and model it after Paris Hilton. I would love to see this happen, or more accurately to see Paris Hilton become President.
  • Stephen Colbert's (soon to be Pulitizer Prize winning) book "I Am America (and So Can You!)" was released on Tuesday. And while I forgot all about this I still want it to be number one on the bestseller list, as I know Stephen does as well. You can buy it here.
  • Another book I want to read is Bus Stop Knobs or to be able to see some of that "graffiti" around, preferably on schools and nunneries.
  • So conservative minds are up in arms that the Google logo images that they change for holidays have never been changed to somehting fitting these conservative mind's idea of patriotism. If these conservatives could get a grip and chill, or just go away, I'd be happy.
  • Scientist at the University of Bolton (Michael) are developing a "smart bra" that "will not only be able to detect cancers before tumors develop, but that the undergarments will also be able to assess the effectiveness of women already undergoing cancer treatment." That sounds amazing and if it actually works would be a great thing for the world. These scientist would so be shortlisted for a Nobel Prize.
  • Speaking of Nobel Prizes I would love if Al Gore won a Nobel Prize. I mean an Oscar and an Emmy plus a Nobel, phenomenal. And it's not like the Nobel committee doesn't have a record of giving out these awards to prove a political point by honoring people who hate GWeeB
  • If I can see all of the movies mentioned in this New York Times Article about the fall releases of specialty films I'd say that would be a nice little gig. It can be that hard to be a movie critic, I mean look at Shawn Edwards.
  • Maybe in the near future I could watch such movies on T-4N Teleglasses which "connect to any NTSC-capable video player (including iPods) and delivers images directly to the eye via a pair of tiny monitors tucked away behind the lenses,” PinkTentacle explained. “The 640 x 480 screen resolution at close proximity simulates the effect of watching a 45-inch screen from 2 meters (6 feet) away, and each monitor can be focused and adjusted for an optimal picture that reduces eye strain. Audio is delivered through a pair of frame-mounted earphones" or on the similar iTheatre that "replicates the effect of watching a massive 50" screen from a distance of 8.5 feet...the effect is like having a home cinema grafted on to your retinas - amazing! And there's no need to strain because the dual screens cause eyes to focus at a comfortable distance and iTheater works with almost any video source"
  • Though if I tried sea water I wouldn't need a fancy movie sunglasses to see "things." I always wondered why it was such a bad thing to drink seawater; in my mind if you drank it it might dehydrate you so that you'd hallucinate or something "mind expanding" but after reading the effects "Take a lot of salt into your body and your metabolism very quickly goes into crisis. From every cell, water molecules rush off like so many voluntary firemen to try to dilute and carry off the sudden intake of salt. This leaves the cells dangerously short of the water they need to carry out their normal functions. They become, in a word, dehydrated. In extreme situations, dehydration will lead to seizures, unconsciousness, and brain damage. Meanwhile, the overworked blood cells carry the salt to the kidneys, which eventually become overwhelmed and shut down. Without functioning kidneys you die. That is why we don't drink seawater." I think I'll let someone else work out the kinks first."
  • And finally I know drugs are horrible and all and dealing with the hardcore ones is like taking your life into your hands but still I would never want to blow up and get fat like Pete Doherty did in rehab.Maybe heroin has its purpose. I mean geez! what became of the likely lad? I think Kate Moss may be quite okay with Pete marrying someone else.

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