Friday, October 12, 2007

Liquid Fantasies: Things that are too cool/trendy for me

but I still think I want to try

  • Those wacky Germans have come up with (what I assume is a dark colored) energy drink named...wait for it..the Black Bastard. I would hope this comes to the States though I doubt it, but I would love to be able to go someplace and order a Black Bastard, besides an orphanage that is. (zing)
  • Another energy drink of sorts, the Tantra erotic "lifestyle drink" that amongst other things claims that it "stimulates and excites you always and restores used-up energy. It increases physical performance and mental alertness and reduces stress recovery periods...stimulates metabolism, blood circulation and the nervous system...It is perfect for all kinds of parties, events, discos, nightclubs, or just with your partner. Tantra erotic is registered worldwide and is the only effective erotic energizer.TANTRA" has been the symbol for sexual attraction for more than 2000 years. The secret mix containing natural GINSENG and the asian fruit SHIZANDRA, afrotises and causes the tantric feeling. TANTRA fits well with the attitude of the "party-people". The color of TANTRA erotic liquid is like gold and the taste ideal to mix cocktails and long drinks with" In other words if I really need a boost to stay up late to study I should probably stick with Red Bull. But if you're one of those "party-people" (whores) then I guess this would be perfect. It's made with real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup so at least it's healthy!
  • Though if I were really trying to stay health I may have to lean towards trying Cucumber Water. Apparently "ice cold water infused with the juice of the refreshingly cool vegetable, and garnished with skin-on slices are the chic way to chill. [And For] ultra intensity, try using a slicer directly over the glass (or pitcher) to ensure any juice that runs off is contained inside. For an extra fragrance boost, use baby cucumbers for an ultra-intense flavour." According to the website "Cucumber juice is often recommended as a source of silica to improve the complexion and health of the skin, plus cucumber’s high water content makes it naturally hydrating—a must for glowing skin. Cucumbers are a very good source of the vitamins C and the mineral molybdenum. They are also a good source of vitamin A, potassium, manganese, folate, dietary fiber and magnesium and contain the important mineral silica.”It also reduces blood pressure, reduces inflammation and Chinese medicine has recognized its cooling properties for centuries." Seems like an easy enough miracle elixir, though the taste of cucumbers isn't my favorite. (and I always feel dirty when I handle cucumbers, I don't know why)
  • And finally from SUCK UK and right in time for Halloween come glow in the dark shot glasses. Think of the fun you can have, or don't think- let the SUCK UK website tell you the things you can do with "glasses [that]have a tough rubber base that glows when the lights go out. Perfect for finding your lost drink in the dark! OR pour 4 different drinks, move them around, turn out the lights... and take a shot in the dark." I think this would be one of those things that's cool like the first time and less so each successive time, though the "blind russian roulette" idea could be fun for all, or one. It could be useful for the Home Run*.

* the Home Run is taking 4 different shots in a row before you start "pregaming" that I made one of my friends do in the middle of the day quite a few times. it's always good times, though I've never seen anyone pull off the Grand Slam.

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