Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Overheard in L.M.E.-The Sounds of Passion

from the evening of August 30th (and no this doesn't count as violating my B.Spears Ban. But you can see how a little more than a month ago some were still quite excited about her)

ev livid e: oooh what if eminem produced britney
a dam e: oh god
ev livid e: she's angry
ev livid e: it could work
a dam e: is eminem still doing stuff these days?
ev livid e: i don't know, he's prob taking care of his daughter like a good dad
a dam e: i really think his career may be over if he attempts a new album
a dam e all those angry kids grew up and got laid and are now chill
ev livid e: ahaha
ev livid e: or still angry
ev livid e: and unlaid
a dam e: always a possibility
ev livid e: god i love that britney song so much im playing it on my speakers
a dam e: hhahah
a dam e: you're going to be so tired of it before the album even comes out
ev livid e: nope
ev livid e: britney never wears me out
a dam e: unless you're listening to her while pilatizing
ev livid e: or veggie burgering
a dam e: or latte sipping
ev livid e: or [REDACTED] kissing
a dam e: who's [REDACTED]?
ev livid e: man [REDACTED]
ev livid e: mmmm
ev livid e: awww
ev livid e: sighhhh
a dam e: so you've been cheating on [REDACTED]?
ev livid e: his name is [REDACTED] {Ed. Note- redacting takes aways so much of the fun}
ev livid e no i don't cheat
a dam e: you just cause advantages
ev livid e: sighhh
a dam e: barrrrffff
ev livid e: hugggggg
a dam e: grooooppppeee
ev livid e: kisssssssssss
ev livid e: this might be the most graphic conversation we've ever had
a dam e: piiiinnnncccchhhhh
ev livid e: smaaaaaack
a dam e: ruuuubbbbb
ev livid e: bummmpppppp
a dame: liiiiccck
ev livid e: moiiiiiiiiiiiiiistttttttt
ev livid e: (this is getting quite gross)
a dam e: ppeeeeeennnnnaaaaattttrrrraaatttteeeeee
ev livid e: oh god
ev livid e: stop
ev livid e: stop stopstsotp
a dam e: I WIN
ev livid e: nope
a dam e: jesus take the wheel
ev livid e: not at all
ev livid e: you want me to win?
ev livid e: you know the things i could say?
a dam e: you fornicating with [REDACTED] does not offend me
ev livid e: nor the other things we do?
a dam e: whatever blows your hair back
a dam e: or gets you a pearl necklace
ev livid e: or gets me there
ev livid e: if you know what i mean
a dam e: hopefully you don't have to sleep in a wet spot
ev livid e: which wet spot
a dam e: (p.s. we are so competitive we'll continue this till we die)
ev livid e: LME bitches
a dam e you know the one i'm talking about
ev livid e: oh. its not just a spot
a dam e: someone's messy
ev livid e: jesus take the clit!
ev livid e: oh god
ev livid e: is that bad?
a dam e: hahah
a dam e: nice
ev livid e: am i going to go to hell?
a dam e: i'll save you a seat
ev livid e: forgive me jesusallahbuddah
a dam e: you forgot tom cruise's god
ev livid e: what the alien thing?
ev livid e: ps suri is the cutest little baby ever
ev livid e: the photos of her are so incredibly adorable
a dam e: too bad she's irreparably damaged
ev livid e: have you seen them?
ev livid e: no!
a dam e: seen who?
a dam e: what?

a dam e: i've seen her
a dam e: she's adorable
a dam e: but her parents are scientologist
a dam e: and her dad's a closeted midget
a dam e: (zong)
ev livid e: whatever. suri is so cute
ev livid e: theres cture pix
ev livid e: im finding them
a dam e: you don't have to worry about it
ev livid e: but i do
ev livid e: and i will
a dam e: tenacious
a dam e: insatiable
a dam e: that's must be why [he] likes you
ev livid e: well i like him too
ev livid e: sighhh
a dam e: god you're so girly
ev livid e: well, one might say its ok
a dam e: the flowers only bloom after the moon has set

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