Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Today for some reason I've been quite happy ( i think maybe because the sweetest of inventions is long distance with your family far away) but everything is pretty groovy right now. That being said, and since this feeling seems to be relatively rare I thought I should do Ice Cube's It Was a Good Day, but then I figured that hurrying to post it tonight would kind of mean that I had no faith that I'd ever be happy or have a good day, which is like the saddest thought ever.
After the Ryan Adams concert post from earlier though I got some Guns N'Roses and the chorus for Rocket Queen "Here I am/And you're a Rocket Queen/ I might be a little young/ But Honey I ain't naive/ Here I am/ And you're a Rocket Queen oh yeah/ I might be too much/ But honey you're a bit obscene" in my head. I read in the Rolling Stone cover story from a few months back about how the orgasmic moans on the track were real and recorded in the studio while Axl was having sex with the drummer's girlfriend. I wonder if she gets any royalties... And about half way through the song it changes and gets more hopeful, which was apparently on the suggestion and wish of Axl who wanted the album to end on an upbeat positive note. So let's end today on that same positive note (and all that jazz.) Anyway here is Your Stuck in My Head Song of the Day: Guns N' Roses-Rocket Queen
Guns N' Roses- Rocket Queen [download]

I might be a little young
But Honey I ain't naive


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