Friday, November 9, 2007

Coonie Tunes

As horrible as it may be to say I'm ecstatic that I found this clip. It was one of the reasons I started doing this "series" in the first place and I had not been able to find it through all my (minutes of) searching. Anyway it is Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips a cartoon I think my World (aka European) History class may have watched or at least brought up back in 10th grade. I think at the time the name Nips confused me (and to be honest until I had an epiphany in the shower ten minutes ago) but then I realized that it was from the word Nippon(I'm soo incredibly smart) I'm not sure the title could work today, not only because of its gross Japanese stereotypes, but also when people hear the word nips I think they think of something else entirely. Anyway here is some info from its wikipedia page

"The cartoon was made during World War II, and reflects the United States' attitude towards one of its main enemies at the time, Japan. In the cartoon, Bugs Bunny lands on an island in the Pacific and is pitted against a group of highly stereotyped Japanese soldiers. Bugs shows no mercy against the Japanese soldiers, greeting them with several racial slurs such as "monkey face" and "slant eyes", making short work of a large sumo wrestler, and bombing most of the Japanese army using various explosives, including grenades hidden in ice cream bars. The cartoon's title is a play on the verb "nip" as in "bite" and "Nip" as in "Nipponese", equivalent to the then-widely used slur "Jap" for "Japanese".

The Film Daily called the seven minute short "good fun", and gave the following synopsis:

"Bugs Bunny, castaway on a Pacific isle, thinks the setting is ideal until he finds his paradise infested with Jap soldiers. How he single-handedly exterminates the enemy makes for a laugh-filled few minutes of typical Bugs antics, off-screen remarks and action in this Technicolor cartoon produced by Leon Schlesinger."

Ah; delightful. From 1944 the infamous Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips

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