Thursday, October 4, 2007

Speechifying By A Rock God

I had no clue what my topic for this speech thing was going to be for tonight and so I freaked out for a little bit, until I realized that I had stumbled upon something on Tuesday, a video of Axl Rose, at the height of Guns N' Roses power, ranting to the crowd.

He touches upon a controversial Rolling Stone interview, the outing of family secrets, the change that fame brings,insecurities, the goodness of belief in yourself, the burden of being a "rock star" and conforming to that image and the insidious prevalence of machismo, or something like that. All while seeming under the influence, though I'm not sure.

In a way this speech is about the price of power, because at this point he was the front man of the biggest band in the world, and I can't even hope to imagine the feeling of power and of being the object of rapt devotion and so feeling that you could just rant to thousands of people for this long. There's probably no motivation or wisdom imparted below, or is there?
(The Speech doesn't start until about 30 seconds in, so you can skip the ad in the beginning.)
And so I present Axl Rose: Orator (from Rosemont 1992)-

(And here's the Rolling Stone interview I think he's talking about.It Seems to fit.)
Apparently he had these kind of rants often. Here's one from Oklahoma in 1992.

The Sucking of Mr. Rose's dick seems to be a recurring theme.
Here is another rant (so many) about journalistic integrity from New York in 1991

about the dangers of traveling alone and accepting rides from strangers

So angry
and just to prove age doesn't necessarily mellow people, here he is talking about the loss of trust and affectation between old friends.

Still so angry. Poor Axl- no one understands him....but I'm glad to see he still wants people to "suck his dick"

And this post definitely got out of hand.

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