Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ephemeral Desires: Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

but I want to see or experience

  • I would love for a country that speaks of high ideals to actually stand up for those ideals when they are under attack and not shrink because of need of resources. In this case India, as the world's most populous democracy to speak out in some way against the anti-democratic junta(fun word) in Burma.
  • I kind of never want to be a mother of a kid who is allergic to almost every food except for chicken, carrots, grapes, potatoes and apples. That would be miserable. Must suck to be the kid as well.
  • If I could have witnessed the first Reverse Marathon that happened in Buenos Aires, I first would have been confused, then amused, then bored by waiting for like 3 hours, then happy I witnessed the whole thing and was a part of history. I, however, would not want to run it. Backpedaling is tiring.
  • Two Harvard grads, classmates of the Zuckerberg overlord, have sold an idea for a book that is a satirical look at Facebook, to be called (ta dah!) The Facebook Book, for about $50,000. I mean good luck with it but I wouldn't quit my day job- who know thinks of the MySpace: The Movie creators.
  • Plans are well underway for a musical based on the life of spree killer Andrew Cunanan called "Most Wanted". I don't know how excited I am about that but if they can pull it off and make it as "socially relevant" as they mean to it should be amazing. I am quite looking forward to Point Break Live! where the " starring role of Keanu will be selected at random from the audience each night, and will read their entire script off of cue-cards. This method manages to capture the rawness of a Keanu Reeves performance." And it's now playing in L.A. Awesome. I fully agree with Homer Simpson in such matters.
  • I've never been too much of a science fiction fan (I'm still in the closest) but I am really really looking forward to the release of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, which has been extensively remastered and is the "definitive director's cut." It's being released at the Ziegfield in New York and the Landmark in L.A. and in a 5 disc dvd set in December. I like presents... Other movies I want to see:
  • I think it would be really cool to meet my "Googleganger" or some one you discover by goggling that has the same name as you, but their lives don't seem too sordid or exciting. And I think they're all European (one's Scottish if that's a difference.)
  • As I mentioned Blade Runner earlier, this article kind of relates about how "social robots" are now entering the home. I don't want to see this continue. Am I the only one who thinks we should stop this now? The only one that sees the danger? People, did we not learn the lessons of every movie with a robot in the last 30 years, that robots will eventually enslave us and lead to a dystopia verging on Apocalypse? Well every robot movie besides Short Circuit (I heart Johnny 5, but Fisher Stevens in his Indian "blackface" is hard to watch."
  • In other news, there is such a thing as being too different, like getting an eye tattoo. It is so not my thing but if it's your thing I won't judge. In fact I think I'll encourage it, after all who will get more stares, someone with blue eyes, or a chick with an adam's apple? I <3>
  • The Onion has set the date for an Apple Backlash occurring on the 21st of March in the year 2008. I think I might be okay with that, Apple is really trendy now it's kind of becoming the Big Brother type dominant force that I retreated away from (Microsoft) when I first got a Mac. Of course all that will change if on March 20th Steve Jobs releases something new and shiny for me to lust after.
  • Speaking of backlashes, I must admit when I first heard the suggestion from Harper's Magazine about a general strike on Election Day November 6, 2007 to protest and signal being fed up with the Bush Administration and standing untied against everything they have done, I was confused because I really didn't think there was an Election this year. It took me like 3 days to stop thinking it was a mistake on their part and just google. In case you hadn't noticed I despise being wrong. But now that I know it's legit I am definitely in- general strikes are sooo european.
  • And a few show I wanna see
    • They say that Hollyoaks is like Gossip Girl but trashier (in a classy way.) I think I had seen it a few times on BBC America but I didn't watch because the name turned me off (sounds like a garden show or a show about a retirement village) but now that I know what it's about I wanna sample it. I mean have you seen Footballer's Wives? OMG.
    • Speaking of good trashy fun, I first heard about "America's Most Smartest Model", but I thought it was a joke, a parody of ANTM and Beauty and the Geek. Apparently I was wrong once again. I'll probably watch an episode or two, but after awhile those shows make me feel kinda bad for laughing at people and I feel dirty and like I wasted an hour of my life.
    • A show that never wastes any of my time is Kid Nation, and last night was the best episode yet. I tried watching Pulling Daisies but Bonanza City drew me back. Taylor has my new alltime favorite catch phrase "Deal With It" which she yelled repeatedly, a little kid played chicken with a giant bull, Alex [a cute asian kid from D.C] said something like "Greg and Blaine are mean and curse a lot but in the challenges they're good] which was a lot cuter than that seemed because his hair was mussed and he had his glasses off, there was a sand storm where the outhouses were knocked over, Mallory the cutest 9 year old shop keeper won the gold star on her birthday and called her parents and told them she and her sister would stay there the whole time. Oh and at town meeting the kids were calling for a re-election and ganged up on Taylor and told her she was horrible and made her cry (which made me feel bad for her) and two seconds later she was happy again. Ah, amazing. I love that show way too much. And so should you all. Both Best Week Ever and Defamer agree with me (with video evidence of excellence.) And Gregg is kind of growing on me and I no longer think he'll beat his wife.
yuppers. I think those'll tide me over for week.

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