Thursday, October 4, 2007

As The World Is Watching

the violence in Burma.

On The Fire Suicides Of The Buddhists
by Charles Bukowski
"They only burn themselves to reach Paradise"- Mne. Nhu

original courage is good,
motivation be damned,
and if you say they are trained
to feel no pain,
are they
guaranteed this?
is it still not possible
to die for somebody else?

you sophisticates
who lay back and
make statements of explanation,
I have seen the red rose burning
and this means more.

[if you're interested in doing something/anything really this is a pretty easy solution that could pay off:
HOW TO GET CHINA TO STOP VIOLENCE IN BUMRA (not just issuing statements asking to 'restrain')

China should use its leverage to bring reconciliation and peace in Burma. However, it recently vetoed a Security Council resolution on Burma. Yet with the threat of Olympics boycott, China has yielded significantly to condemn Sudan's genocidal regime.

If everybody we know emails a request (not for tickets, but for China's action for Burma) to, it will significantly slow down ticket sales and call China's attention to the matter. Please use the template below.

"The consensus around the European Parliament is that China is the key. China is the puppet master of Burma. The Olympics is the only real lever we have to make China act. The civilised world must seriously consider shunning China by using the Beijing Olympics to send the clear message that such abuses of human rights are not acceptable." - Vice president of the European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott.

Further Reading:

============================== (a sample letter to cut and paste)

Send to every 6 hours, or every time you check your email.

Subject: re: tickets

Dear Sirs,

I am very interested in purchasing tickets to some of the events at next year's olympic games.

However I cannot, in good conscience, attend the Bejing Olympics unless your government uses its influence to improve the political situation in Burma. China has substantial economic interests in the country, provides large amounts of economic aid, and invests heavily in infrastructure projects there. Additionally, your government provides extensive logistical support to Burma’s military government. All this make China uniquely placed to influence it.

The people of Burma have, in a very peaceful manner, insisted that their rights be respected. I ask no more of your government than that it cease its support for the current regime, and encourage a dialogue with the democratically elected representatives of the Burmese nation.

I, the Burmese people, and the world would be grateful for your assistance in this matter. Your courage will go a long way towards making the 2008 Olympics a success.

With sincere thanks,

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