Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ok Last Linkapalooza of the Day

Just a collection of stuff that I found and that I decided you should know about ( I only have your best interest in mind)

  • Glenn Close has a new show premiering on TNT {I think its on F/X; sorry my bad}. In the New York Times review she is lauded(?): "But there is no actor dead or alive as scary as a smiling [Close.]" It gets better "Ms. Close plays Patty Hewes, one of the most formidable trial lawyers in New York City. It is a role that brings out the very best in Ms. Close, which is to say her talent for exploring the worst in the characters she plays. Patty is intense, demanding and mercurial — gruff and ice-cold one moment and playful the next, her hooded eyes dancing with what might be mischief but could just as easily be the early warning signs of madness."And this is an incredibly positive review. I'd hate to see what Alessandra Stanley has to write for something she hates.
  • I suppose its wrong to laugh at the misfortune of someone who "still has numbness and pain in his extremities" but I really really hate Notre Dame (and the Patriots to be honest.) Don't judge me.
  • Apparently is not so much Man vs Wild as Man (with the help of motels and other experts, and editing and a camera crew) vs. Wild. I knew something was fishy with that guy.
  • I fully agree with this blogger's assesment and suspicion about these steriod users. Except of course when he's talking about Jason Schmidt. That sir, is character assassination of a fine, fine man.
  • This trend has always confused me as well.
  • I don't believe this at all; we've gotten hosed way too many times. Speaking of Duke though, I'd much rather us be #119 (we haven't win a game in 2 years); at least there's some honor in being the worst as opposed to 4th to worst. You're on Buffalo.
  • Poor Christine. I'm sorry you're debut didn't go as well as you thought it did. Totally one of my fears and worries. But fuck 'em; if it makes you happy...(and no I'm not corny enough to post that Christina Aguilera song....damn; my bad)
  • And finally, some company has used a program to show what stars would look like as "normal" people. While some I could actually picture walking around (and John Travolta is creepy as hell) others like Johnny Depp are just weird. But the most revealing one is Keira Knightley. She looks so so pretty, actually more so than in real life. At least to me.

(a song of the day update; we may have a dark horse contender. This is getting exciting)

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