Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Suppose This is One Way To Feel Better About Yourself

I think this was on Sunday night, when my mom and I were watching something on TLC. I was intrigued by the title I Eat 33,000 calories a day. And the show was...wow, bizarre. They profiled three insanely obese people, a guy who thought he ate about 3,000 calories a day but actually ate more like 14,000, a British woman who eat around 15,000 calories and a man who eat 23,000 calories just in snack food a day. He ate a grand total, of I think more than the titular 33,000 calories a day. An average man is only supposed to eat 2500 calories a day so every day he was eating enough food for two weeks. It was insane, and the thing I noticied is that many of them didn't move to eat, like they were brought their food in bed, and in the case of the woman everything she ate (you could see it all because they laid it out on a few card tables for tv shock value) was all that slightly white brownish fried color. There was nothing green on the table.
And my main questions were how do you get that big? Doesn't normal desire to be attractive and to move, and a basic sense of pride sort of compel you to not eat so much? And how do the get the money for all the food? there's no way they go through probably close to a thousand a week? And why do their families enable this behavior? My mom suggested that if you didn't feed them as much they would get angry, or whatever, but since most of those profiled couldn't walk they couldn't actually do anything in retaliation. I would try to give them normal portions (for a normal size person) and then just sort of refuse to feed them anything extraneous. That way at least they wouldn't be storing so many calories and maybe that would help.

But as many of you may be able to tell from this site I have a few issues food with my weight, and well I was watching this I was eating a salad (at least during the times when my mouth wasn't hanging open in shock) but I realized that I am actually far from fat especially considering my activity level...and the fact I only eat give or take a 1,000 calories a day. And I know its a horrible thing to judge people, which is sort of what I felt when I was watching almost like a freak show mentality, but it does help me to feel better about myself and hopefully they can get some type of health, from somewhere. And with that I don't feel bad about eating those chips...or not as bad I guess, though I do need to do some crunches, ugh...

(but on another night you have a clubhouse leader for stuck in my head song of the day. Get excited people)

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