Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Your Simply Amazing Stuck in My Head Song of the Day

Today I had three incredible songs stuck in my head, The Beatles "Martha My Dear," "Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In" from Hair and Thriller, but after seeing those crazians dancing earlier I knew what song had to win it. But the other songs are too amazing to forget so I have a feeling they will be stuck in my head tomorrow and on Friday, respectively (I invented the game; I can cheat it)
Anyway this song and video is an artists at the very height of his power, and the very height of the game. In fact at this point HE was the game. For this video Michael, who I'm sure was already beginning to descend into his current madness, wanted John Landis to direct it, after having being impressed by his movie An American Werewolf in London. Thriller was well on its way to become the best selling album of all time, so Michael could get and do whatever he wanted. Which included co writing a 14 minute mini-movie where he got to dress as a werewolf and a zombie. And they all thought he was being creative and that it was a phase...who knew he would end up looking way creepier than any costume could hope to be. But let us, oh ye mythical reader, not focus on what he become but rather what he was when he was the shit, the Michael Jackson that Dave Chappelle still feels enough love to defend him. It is a simply a great song and an amazing video that set the standard for basically all videos to follow. (And I love Vincent Price's monologue.) You can watch the full video, along with the movie in the movie, here. But this is all you need to see, Michael Jackson's Thriller

Damn I still love that video. Try to sleep well, but remember "no mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller..."
[Insert diabolical laugh here]

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