Monday, July 23, 2007

Your Simply Amazing Stuck in My Head Song of the Day

These posts at the end of the day are the hardest things! Especially on days where I don't have one song overpoweringly in my head- instead I had like 30, but for about 3 minutes at a time. Like I was sorta of self conscious about my breast and wanting them to be bigger so for a second it was a song by the Lords of Acid, then King Missile, then Joanna Newsom, Bruce Springsteen and The 5,6,7,8s. Incredibly frustrating.
But then I started thinking about some of my friends and about how far away they all are and how I don't know whats happening in their lives, and about one friend in particular, Theresa, who if not my best friend at Duke was my most important friend by a long long margin. She had been working in D.C. and I knew she wanted to move to New York but then on the (omniscient) Facebook she joined the New York network and I had no idea and she looked so happy and beautiful and I felt so incredibly disconnected was kinda hard. So I wanted to do a song that reminded me of her, on the one in a thousand chance she sees this and knows I'm thinking about her. I was first going to do Frou Frou's Let Go because that song really reminds me of one time sophomore year when I was in her room, and she was kind of down and was playing the song over and over and we were talking and I'm assuming I was either commiserating with her or trying to cheer up my Mohin, but then as I was walking through the WEL quad to my room I sent her a text along the lines of "i really thought she was saying 'cuz there's booty in the breakdown'" which inspired a response of "that got a literal LOL out of me" which made me really happy and obviously, since I still remember it so fondly meant a lot to me. But alas I couldn't find a video for that song.
After I couldn't find anything for that song my mind went to another song she introduced me to. Theresa sang a cappella and was quite into it and she played for me a beautiful song off the Best of College A Capella 2004 by UCLA Awaken (I think) called Gravity, which I think was written by one of the group members. It was so hauntingly beautiful and impressed me alot. The name of the songwriter is Sara Bareilles and her album Little Voice is apparently number 1 on iTunes album sales, but she's one of Theresa's favorites and its not hard to see why; that voice, the emotion. She's a new artist, with what seems like a huge future (and like I told Theresa her musical scouting skills are blowing mine away) So here's a live version of Gravity and below is Gravity as performed by UCLA Awaken (once again I think) Enjoy

UCLA Awaken- Gravity (mp3)

(and this post was way too wrapped up in my own emotions that I couldn't even properly articulate or express, but its still an amazing song. sigh, I'm sorry I just miss my Theresasaurus Rex :(

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learninboutlife said...

Dude, I saw her live last November as part of the Hotel Cafe tour with Rachael Yamagata, whom I have been completely in love with for the past year and a half.

My second impression (after XM).

A cover better than the original.