Monday, July 23, 2007

24: The Most Progressive Show Ever

First they elected the first Black President in David Palmer (r.i.p) then his brother (yada yada), but today, as some of you may know,24 is going even further. It took more than 10 years after Geraldine Ferraro (she spoke at my high school a few years back; a really cool and impressive lady) ran for V.P that a woman was finally in that role (Glenn Close and Joan Allen) but now, even before Hillary is elected 24 has sped up the timetable by casting a woman as the next president. And not just that, but she's also a lesbian. Cherry Jones is an acclaimed Broadway actress (I love her name!), who's also been dating one of the women on Sunset 60 (I refuse to acknowledge it by its real name) for years, who knew that the blond unfunny fervent Christian was a lesbian (I guess the 18 year age difference isn't much of a problem, or a realm only for men. Equality I presume.)
The producers are saying the casting is because she's an amazing and powerful actress, and not to parallel any current Democratic frontrunner but who knows ( and no I don't buy the exactness of the parallel, no matter what some people say. Strong woman= lesbian; obvi.) But even though last season was sort of disappointing I guess its still a big deal when a popular show is so progressive. Especially on a show which oozes testosterone and revels in torture, and reportedly has been approached by administration officials with story lines.
So in closing, good luck Madame President,)it's always good to know about someone else on the team.) I thought we had a ways to go before this day. Now onto real life as well to the white house, byah! ( i have no idea how to spell out that scream)

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