Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things that are too cool/trendy for me*

* but I still want.

  • For Oprah to adopt me (please; I'd make an excellent daughter.) Jesus.
  • Photosynth to be finished and released. It looks so cool and good and its one of those things I would have no idea what to do with but would still wanna mess around with.
  • After being inspired by these Filipino inmates,(couldn't they have found a better looking prison bitch? though the "Michael Jackson" sort of looks like Yao) for other prisons to engage in other video reenactments (suggestions are welcome, though these two may be able to come up with a few ideas) instead of, you know rape.
  • The above being for the sole benefit of Harriet and Josh of course. Enjoy... (::snickering::)
  • Harry Potter real life!
  • Someone to propose to me* in a much better way than any of these, and y'know, not through a video (*after meeting and falling in love, yada yada, of course)
  • A Russ Martin bobblehead. (I Love Russell Martin!!! and am apparently not the only one)
  • The Lunch Hour Boob Job. I don't wan them to big, just a full B would be enough.
  • To always be able to rate celebrity mug shots as hot or not, and to be able to give you the same joy (via Defamer)
  • I really really want a pet hippo. I'd love her forever and name her Beth Ditto (yeah that was cheap, I know). How can anyone possibly resist this?


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