Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There's Someone Else Out There That Hates Likes Me

This is from Deadspin and it is well worth reading. It is an interview with Jeff Pearlman the author of a biography about He Who Will Not Be Named on this site (let's just say he's a former Pirate and now wears a size 12 baseball cap in orange and black.) In this interview however, Jeff shows that though he tried to be objective in his biography of The Unnatural One, he has finally and fully come around to the side of all that is good and pure. Here are some highlights.

The truth of the matter is, [Forbidden] is completely, undeniably 100 percent full of shit. He truly is. I no longer buy his love of baseball history any more than I buy the sanctity of his marriages or the purity of his blood stream...[Forbidden] cares no more about baseball history than does my goldfish. He knows what Hank Aaron went through to hit 755 home runs, and he was more than happy to cheat, load up on steroids and HGH and surpass him...
[Forbidden] has never treated people especially well, so there's very little loyalty for the man. Do you root for someone who refused to sign a ball for your kid? Who ignored you when you asked for advice? Who told you you couldn't carry his jock? I still often think of Dan Peltier, the former Giant backup who brought his young son to the team's Family Day. When [Forbidden] asked the kid to name his favorite ballplayer, he said, "My dad!" To which [Forbidden] replied, "Why? He never plays."
[Forbidden] is a cheater...Forty years from now [Forbidden] will be what he truly is--a once-in-a-lifetime talent who gave into greed and jealousy. An asterisk and a big, HGH-bloated head....
I set out to write a fair, honest, balanced biography of a misunderstood legend. I did my absolute best, and the result is a book that I'm very proud of. I've received strong reviews, in part because I didn't take sides. Now that I'm well beyond the researching and writing; now that I'm beyond the promotional, 20-second soundbite push I feel liberated to express my conclusion of the whole experience.

It is this: [Forbidden] is evil.

So true my friend, so true. And I really hope every at bat he has at Dodger Stadium that we throw at his hand. His team and fans is like the only reason I'm reluctant to move to San Francisco. And I Hate the fact he'll hold the record for even a second. Ugh

But onto a good guy (except when he's beating the Dodgers, bastard) Craig Biggio is retiring after 20 years, which is kind of sad. Not for any real reason other than the fact that he is soo close to become the All Time getting hit by pitchers. Its a record we all can be proud of and believe in. So come on pitchers, do it for the integrity of the game. Hit Biggio! He only needs 3 more...

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