Monday, July 30, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song of the Day

Well the last few days I've been in sort of a funk and all of today I was really sort of upset for a variety of reasons, though I hope I didn't betray too much of that in my "posts", as mediocre as they were. Anyway today was one of those days when I had a couple of songs stuck in my head but one was, as befitting my mood, kind of dark and depressing. Over the past few hours after having a much needed talk with my mom and a few other things happening as well, the other more upbeat song came to me more and more and since I don't like to have the last thought I leave people with at night be a sad or negative one I've decided to use this song (and the other song will totally be in my head again and I am positive I'm using the band for a BBE* so no worries) So your stuck in my head song of the day is What Are You Afraid Of? by West Indian Girl.
I'm pretty sure the first time I hear the song was on KCRW a few years back, probably while on the 405, but the psychedelic neo-hippie vibe really stuck with me ( I shouldn't have been surprised; they did name themselves after a strain of acid- damn hippies) plus I really dug the lyrics and they seemed important. And not to be too philosophical but the questions "what are you afraid of?" "what are you made of?" "what are you fighting for?" "what are you dying for?" are all questions that we should ask ourselves whenever we feel we need to get back on the right track or to center ourselves where we need to be. Because asking those questions should show you what is important in your life.
Plus once I saw the video I was hooked. I'm a sucker for butterflies and flowers and happy endings, especially when they involve elephants, but I'm sure you knew that already;) So enjoy:

A domani...

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