Monday, July 23, 2007

Cleaning Out My Bookmarks

This is a truly random collection of links. They are all things I've found online that I wanted to "talk" about so I bookmarked them, but it never seemed to be the right time, or maybe I didn't have enough to say about them to justify it, but they are all quite interesting, and I'm trying to unclutter my life, in ways large and small.

  • A week or so again was the 60th anniversary of the Roswell crash, and though the government still denies anything, you know consiciousness changing, or awareness raising happened, millions of people do believe, including the city of Roswell which embraces the rumour and of course Fox Mulder . Someone else who believed was the public relations officer at Roswell who claimed that aliens actually did land that July day in 1947. He released his version of the event only to be opened after his death. Well he died and here it is. Let's see what the believers do with it.
  • Even though he's just been nominated for another Emmy apparently Jeremy Piven isn't the best or funniest actor in his family (I.Love. Pearl.)[ and that is not a good picture of him. At all.]
  • An Australian survey has shown that men there are happiest with educated wives. Finally that Duke degree will be worth something. Now to move to Australia...
  • These pictures remind me so much of Simba and Mufasa (damn you Scar!!!*) So omg cute though most animals are cute...until your face is ripped off of course. [* and in tons of fun languages too]
  • Here are some book covers to disguise your Harry Potter in public, if you're too manly to be seen reading a "childrens" book. I guess it would work for any "unmanly" (yet soo good" read. Don't lie though, you know you've already finished it (I'm trying to see how strong my will power is and how long I can last with it in its package from Amazon unopened. Right in front of me- I don't know why I do these things)
  • I can't even imagine that kind of speed, and to think it's wasted on a swedish grandma who only uses it to read papers online, when it could be wasted on a young tranny who would only use it to check for funny or cute videos.
  • Here's a drink that I should have included in my drink of the week post on Friday, but as always I misplaced it. It's called a Ruby in the Rough- such a poetic name
  • And finally Becks and Posh were thrown a huge party to welcome them to the wonderful world of Scientology, I mean Hollywood. And while there were tons of famous and important people attending (including Matt Lucas from Little Britain, which is simply the Vivica Fox and Lil' Kim also got invites. How? The classiness of that party dropped incremently with every inch of Kim's breast that was on view. And is Vivica Fox still a "celebrity?" Anyway this is my favorite picture of my new favorite couple from the party

Aww. SO much in love

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