Monday, July 23, 2007

Speaking of Potter (No Spoiler; I swear*)

*unless J.K. has a very warped imagination.

Anyway this news report from the most trusted news source ever, the Onion News Network premiered at the beginning of June, but I didn't know how to embed it until like two seconds ago so it may be a little late. But if you haven't read Book 7 yet for any reason (including torturing yourself for no reason at all) this could still be a possibility. It certainly would be a loss of innocence and is quite a thing to joke about, and makes me feel a little uncomfortable (though this clip is still so damn funny)

J.K. Rowling Hints At Harry Potter Date Rape
Even if the book is amazing I would've loved for this to have happened, especially if it was Crabbe on Goyle (I kid, I kid- I would not wanna read that slash fiction) [eww; I'm sorry I looked; hahhahaha]

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