Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Your Stuck in my Head Song(s) of the Day

Maybe it's a Wednesday thing but again today I've had three very different songs swirling around and melding together in my head. I know PJ Harvey's Rid of Me got in there because of this post, and The Coral's Simon Diamond may have crept in when I was researching and discovered the 84 karat diamond. Incubus' Megalomaniac? I'm not sure- either I had thoughts of world domination, thought of GWeeB or maybe just had the preceding two songs form and stick together and remind me of it. Who knows.
Either way enjoy Your Stuck in My Head Song(s) of the Day,

Simon Diamond by The Coral
(the video is far from the best but hopefully you get a feel)

The Coral-Simon Diamond (mp3)

Incubus- Megalomanic (you can watch the official video here- damn no embedding by request)

Incubus-Megalomanic (mp3)

and PJ Harvey's Rid of Me

PJ Harvey-Rid of Me (mp3)

And speaking of getting rid of me, tomorrow I actually have to do quite a few things other than this blog so I'm not sure how erratically timed my postings are going to be. But we'll see. And Happy Thursday in advance.
Ok I gotta go and try to watch Kid Nation and Pushing Daisies at the same time.

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