Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You Have My Heart, Bill Clinton, You Have My Heart

which I know is old news but I needed a segue into actual old news.
On Friday, I think it was, in an interview (my ) President (forever) Bill Clinton "said that Senator Barack Obama had about as much experience as [Bill Clinton] did in 1988 — the year [Mr. Clinton] decided not to run for the presidency.

“I was, in terms of experience, was closer to Senator Obama, I suppose, in 1988 when I came within a day of announcing,”
Mr. Clinton did not run that year, he added, because “I really didn’t think I knew enough, and had served enough and done enough to run.”

Barack responded with some yada measured reply about something but as a member of Hillary's campaign staff pointed out:"When Bill Clinton was elected president he had already been a Governor for 12 years. Three years ago, Senator Obama was still in the Illinois State Senate." (Plus there is another huge difference between them. Bill Clinton seemed to gain momentum as the campaign went on, instead of Barack who started off with a spark but is now stagnating and seeing his quarterly fundraising numbers drop from previous reporting periods.)
I believe that is a zong to any zing. And as I'm sure you know I agree that Barack isn't ready and until the day he pulls of something like this to a heckler I'll keep believing that.

Ah I miss him so much. If only he could run again... though I do admit that I wouldn't mind if Al got back in the race. I mean he's won an Oscar, an Emmy and not to mention the peoples' vote in the 2000 Presidential election.
But even more important and cooler than all of that Al Gore is rumored to have a guest spot on that greatest of shows 30 Rock. According to Radar " Sources close to the production of NBC's 30 Rock say former Vice President Al Gore has recently taped an appearance for an upcoming episode."
I really hope it's true; that would make me happy and if he pulls it off well maybe such a platform would be the perfect launching point to carry him through election day.

Or maybe not. I mean even he would have to lose to John Edwards (best. presidential. name. ever.) First Iowa, then the world.

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