Monday, October 1, 2007

Note to Self: Scientologists Will Cut You

no seriously, they're just like the Wu-Tang Clan-Nothin' ta Fuck Wit (mp3)
As I'm sure you heard the guy who was trying to extort Tom Cruise was found dead over the weekend, an apparent suicide.

Now I'm not saying it wasn't a suicide brought on by a lifelong struggle with depression or that he didn't have other enemies but... sounds kind of fishy.
and after seeing this YTMND slideshow (a horribly reliable and responsible source of course) The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology, on the "methods" that Scientologists use against their enemies, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a two bullet wound suicide. Scientologists are mad scary and I kinda think I shouldn't talk about how they seem like a criminal organization or even badmouth that new Lions for Lambs movie (the ads for which looked horrible ["Yes or No?!"] and emphasized Tom Cruise as a three time Oscar nominee- the first time I've ever heard a commercial make reference to multiple failed Academy Award nominations. Not surprisingly it's from the new Tom Cruise run UA) or point out the Battlefield Earth was unfathomable in its suck or....* so I'll think for my own self interest I'll have to agree with Mitt Romney that the brilliance of the source material

was obviously corrupted and ruined by those baby rapists.
But seriously, Scientologists are pretty fucked up (though if it wasn't for the whole alien b.s. I think i could actually legitimize it in my mind.) Oh well, no matter

and in an effort to make up for my displeasure with how this post turned out enjoy this :New Mexico Catholic Bishop Reports Invasion of ‘Gentle Little People’ in Masks. Which is one of the more enticing hooks I've ever seen. But seriously it sounds like a wonderful trip....

*that tom cruise and john travolta are still gay

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