Friday, October 5, 2007

Coonie Tunes

Sorry today is starting so incredibly late but this was one of those days where I had to do things, far away from my laptop. But since it is still Friday and this is my first post of the day, we all know what this means- racist cartoons! (woo; get excited.) I kind of feel dirty about posting this in the full and bright glare of the day, but I'm sure there's one or two of you out there who enjoy this.
This short is called Scrub me Mama with a Boogie Beat from 1941 a short in which, according to the youtube page description "Lazy black folks are napping and attracting flies they are so leathargic (sp.) they even fight in slow motion then a river boat arrives with a red hot mama on board faster then you can say ''jim crow'' she has everyone moving to a harlem boogie beat."

Yup that's a pretty nice synopsis but for something more indepth
(because i'm too lazy and tired to think for myself right now) this is the description from the wikipedia page:
The depiction of the jazz singer from Harlem represents the "exotic sex symbol" stereotype foisted upon young Black women in cinema at the time and which dated back to the mulatto wench characters of blackface minstrel shows a century earlier. The short, like the infamous Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs, does indeed derive almost all of its humor from minstrel show stereotypes of African Americans. Characters who appear in Lazytown include mammies, an old pappy, pickaninnies, dandies, and slave-like Jim Crows.
Yeah it really is pretty offensive. see for yourself Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat

speaking of kind of racist, last night while watching the Cleveland-Yankees game they showed a few times two middle aged white guys with pretty crude face paint and headdresses to support the team, no doubt, but it still struck me as rather insensitive. Then there was a sign shown for a second, referring to Yankees' Pitcher Chien-Ming Wang, "Hey Wang, Wong Number" and I really cringed. I'm sure the guy didn't mean anything racially and just thought he was being clever but still....

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