Thursday, January 24, 2008

Canada Scares the Heck Out of Me

So sometime back I posted on this first Canadian work safety psa but little did I know that they had made more! Just when I had finally gotten that first one out of mind
And AOL and their Videologists have compiled “5 shocking Canadian PSAs” along with their own comments and rankings of the gore from up Nor’
but really remind me never to get a job in Canada, or perhaps even visit there again- it is obviously the most dangerous place on Earth

Lousy Ladder

Man Crushed By Steel

here’s that Scalded by Oil one

Man Gets Electrocuted, rises from coffin

Propane Explosion

Now I have new fears, awesome; I'm now afraid to: climb onto a shaky ladder and overreach while standing above a glass table, drive a forklift in a warehouse near any "skeds", get electrocuted and riase from the dead at my own funeral or be anywhere near a propane tank.

Oh Canada, oww

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