Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't Forget The Day Job

Prove It.
An e-mail I got from some progressive newsletter that I guess I’m subscribed to

President Bush wants the Senate to pass retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies who spied on Americans. For the President, this isn't just about letting his friends at AT&T and Verizon off the hook. He knows this is the American people's last chance to hold the Bush administration accountable for their warrantless wiretapping of innocent Americans.

The key vote is scheduled for late Monday afternoon and the count is down to the wire. We need 41 Senators to stand up to President Bush and right now we have only 36.

Senators Clinton and Obama are the missing votes. If Senator Clinton or Obama stands up and leads from the floor of the U.S. Senate and calls upon the 8 senators that have endorsed their campaigns to stand with them, we'll have the votes we need and the American people will win.

Democracy for America will not stay silent and hope our Presidential candidates will lead. We demand it. That's why we're running this ad in the New York Times on Monday.

We're standing up and taking action. Senators Clinton and Obama say they are ready to lead. Let's see them prove it.

Send this link: www.Democracy

It would be nice to see them actually, y’know, do their jobs because apparently,as seen in this post detailing the missed vote record of Dennis Kucinich and how that may play a factor in “blue collar” Cleveland, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama missed vote 23.6% and 37.8%, of the time respectively which is well above the Senate average of 5

On the other side of the same coin Ron Paul’s “missed-vote rate while running for the White House: a whopping 28.2%. John McCain, it should be noted, has missed 56.1% of the votes in this session, second only to South Dakota's Tim Johnson, who is recovering from a brain hemorrhage.
Which is why only former senators and politicians, or other people currently out of office should be allowed to run for President, so that they’re not too bus to do that which they have been elected, and paid to do.
(p.s. this is such a super fun chart
Someone needs to give a gold star for attendance and never missing a vote to :
  • Sen. John Barrasso , Republican from Wyoming
  • Max Baucus, Democrat from Montana
  • Bob Casey, Democrat from Pennsylvania
  • Susan Collins Republican of Maine
  • Russ Feingold Democrat from Wisconsin
  • Charles Grassley, Republican Iowa
  • Herb Kohl Democrat from Wisconsin
  • Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada
  • Ken Salazar, Democrat of Colorado
  • Olympia Snow Republican of Maine
  • And Roger Wicker republican from Mississippi (who’s only had 2 votes to miss since he was sworn in as Trent Lott’s replacement a week ago )
In the House gold stars go to:
  • Jason Altmire a Democrat from Pennsylvania’s 4th
  • Dale Kildee a Dem from Michigan’s 5th
  • and of newbies Laura Richardson from California’s 37th (my "home" district)

ICYWW in the house Barbara Cubin a Republican from Wyoming has missed 646 votes out of 1208 (or 53.5%) which is the highest miss total for someone who hasn’t contracted cancer and/or died
Shame Her

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